Day is dawning

I’ve had insomnia recently (“he who never used to have any problems sleeping”) and I was up with the dawn about 10 days ago. The most amazing yellow light was seeping through the curtains. It looked quite different to any recent sunrise I’d seen. I peered out of the window and was met with a fiery blaze of yellow. Deep deep yellow. I snapped a couple of pics, below. Most days the sky isn’t this yellow in the morning. It was amazing. I would love to have been on, say, the Millennium bridge, over the Thames, to take pictures of the skyline.



Pictures taken with Casio point & shoot and exported in Lightroom but no alterations made. These are the original colours.

The photos don’t really do the sunrise justice – it was exquisite.

4 thoughts on “Day is dawning

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  1. Vic – thanks! The angle is crappy as I was looking out of the window and couldn’t see properly to the east – but you get an idea of the lovely colour in the sky. Quite unlike anything I’d seen in a long time.

  2. Wow! If that doesn’t do it justice – it must have been AMAZING. When I worked in Italy we wanted to get up before sunset and take photos of the sunrise over Mont Blanc……but I think late nights and sleep took over the idea. Now, middle aged, I wish we had….

  3. There is some volcano that recently blew a bunch of ash into the atmosphere. We’ve been having some stupendous sunsets. I posted a pic yesterday on Facebook. Lovely photo.

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