The one to watch: Stephen Fry in America (BBC1)

Premiers tonight on BBC1 @ 9pm. Looks good. I love most things with Stephen Fry (and certainly all of his books).

From the Radio Times:

1/6 – New World

Stephen Fry’s American travelogue is directed by Michael Palin’s usual collaborator and has the same easy-going, amiable air about it as Palin’s series do. Fry’s plan is to visit every state in the Union, driving his own London taxi and scattering bons mots along the way. There’s an element of QI – the Road Trip about it: in this first episode of six, which covers New England, Fry goes deer-hunting (looking hilarious in the outfit) and lobster-fishing and passes on titbits such as how to put a lobster into a trance or the fact that deer always run into the wind. Although it’s a little patchy, there are more than enough sparkling moments to enjoy, as when our hero meets a bunch of “goodfellas” in a Queens social club or deals blackjack in Atlantic City. And you have to love Fry’s black, gay, Republican, Baptist academic friend, Professor Peter Gomes of Harvard University, who is worth the price of admission alone.

Source: Radio Times.

More info.

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