24 hours and counting…

In 24 hours time I’m a ‘free agent’. Granted, I’ll be unemployed, but it means I’ll have freed myself from the shackles of this quite awful job I’ve been in these past 4 months.

The job has given me perspective. Perspective on what being unhappy can be like, on what suffering from genuine stress (the type that keeps you up at night and changes your behaviour). I’d become withdrawn, disillusioned, unhappy and very fed up.

I’ve also overhauled my values (pertaining to work). So many of the perks and outwardly facing things about this job/firm that I thought were great – are not. It was a veneer. It’s obvious now. The place is riddled with unhappiness, low morale, high turnover and unpleasant people. To complain about my last employer was at best naive and at worst ungrateful.

You live and learn. And I have lived and learnt.

PS On the job search side – job 2 is ticking over (the one with the ex boss). There is also a ‘job 4’ now with another ex employee. That progresses Thursday after work, when I see him again (for the first time in over a year). I’m looking forward to it. There are also half a dozen or so ‘irons in the fire’ with jobs via agencies.

10 thoughts on “24 hours and counting…

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  1. Hen – will be both of us v.soon I hope!

    Mike – was really good news about your one. The job (you being undermined) and boss at your old place had sounded awful. Hope the new job is going well.

  2. Sven – agreed!
    Vic – done! 😀
    Hen – nope, none of’em going into spam that I can see!

    Hen – ah, just read your tweet re: askimet. Odd!

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