“Job 2”

I’ve blogged about ‘job 2’. An opportunity with my recent ex-boss, a nice part of London I’ve not worked in for a long time, one of my best friends (D) working less than five mins away, it’s a six-month contract initially (could go permanent afterwards if both sides wanted) paying a very decent salary.

I’ve had two meetings, both very informal. One was with my ex-boss over coffee, the other was with his number two (he’s a director, she’s an associate director). I really liked her. Very nice, decent person. Very different to some of the awful people I’ve been working with. I think she’d be fine to work with / for. The vibe is good. Genuinely.

She’d emailed me the job spec two days ago. He’d followed up by email yesterday. Understandably I haven’t replied as I was finishing up at my last place. They understand that.

Well, he’s just called me saying “we really want you on board and we need to move fast on this as if you weren’t interested in the role, we’d look elsewhere to get the right person”. Meaning it’s at full job offer stage – the job is mine if I want it.

I think the ‘6m contract’ aspect will work. Some people baulk at ‘contract’ roles, I know that. But in my line of work it’s not actually uncommon, as a lot of what I do is project based. The good news is, the role will have a heavy PR focus (something I have a bit less experience of, though I’ve managed PR firms before) meaning there’s development potential for me. The role is very comms heavy. This is good – different to the horribly transactional role I did at my last place which had almost no comms. I’m good at comms as it’s all about developing relationships, using and honing interpersonal skills, etc. Again, I’ve done this before, but not in as much depth as this role will require. So it’s another string to my bow to focus on this for 6 months in a large UK plc. The remit will be quite large. The CV potential is very good.

He wants an answer by end of today! I don’t think I can really say no with no other options actually on the table as yet. Why am I trying to hold off? Because ‘job 4’ arose the other day, with an ex-director of the firm I was at for 5.5 years. A really interesting global consultancy (not huge, but high level). I know the guy there much better than I know the guy offering me job 3 (as I worked with the guy from job 4 for a long time and we got on really well).

‘Job 4’ may not actually exist. We’re meeting tomorrow after work to talk through some stuff. They may just be after a consultancy service (i.e. me giving them X days of consultancy work at a day rate of X) which, whilst good, isn’t what I want long-term.

So we’ll see. I don’t think I can turn down job 3 today as it would be wrong to do that. Like everything in life, there’s an element of hedging one’s bets. I can take the role and that does not mean I totally close down on other opportunities that arise. Sure, my recent ex-boss wouldn’t like me taking off very shortly into the new role, but you have to do what’s best for you when all is said and done. The world of work is like that.

So taking job 3 today (meaning I’ll probably start on Monday!!! So much for time off!) is likely to be what will happen. I shouldn’t complain so don’t see this post as that. Jobs are increasingly scarce in the current climate so I’m very lucky to have this opportunity.

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  1. That is wonderful news. I think, judging from your previous posts, that the comms aspect of this job could really work out for you. I don’t think you can stall them another day, and it sounds as if you really like the people you have met so far. Sometimes you need to take a blind leap…

  2. Lula – thanks, is certainly good news. 2 agencies called me today with jobs I’d been put forward for (but not at interview) – both came back with “the client hasn’t selected to see you as other candidates more closely match the job spec”. So whilst I tell myself there are ‘lots’ of irons in the fire, in the cold hard light of day – I don’t think there are. And when I do hear about the really great roles that I’d know I love – and the agency calls me and gets me excited – I forget there are XX other candidates all going through similar, many of whom will slightly fit the job spec better and go forward.

    So I’m going to take this and I think it’s a good move.

  3. Wow…..that is really good news (in a way) – timings are good – providing you didn’t have huge plans of what you needed to do inbetween jobs….
    Well done. Let us know when you give a def. yes…

  4. Mumof4 – thanks. In fairness I probs wouldn’t have resigned unless this had been on the backburner. I would have liked longer between jobs to be honest!

    Vic – thanks! It’s nice to take the worry away. Still a ‘gamble’ of sorts, but there aren’t as many options out there as I would have liked. The vibe is good. Plus, in 6 months I can reassess.

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