Hit miss or maybe?

I shopped today with D in the West End. It’s rare for me to go “up west” (as the Eastenders would say!) as it is so unbelievably jam-packed on a weekend. London is, after all, the most happening city in the world if you believe Time (to be fair, cynical as I am – it has a buzz that nowhere else in the world has in my opinion, and I’m reasonably well travelled). It’s just – special, in its own way. All of humanity is here. I’ve said that before but I totally mean it.

We had lunch at my favourite Chinese restaurant. We settled for dim sum. Only came to £9 each (I took my Dutch friend there for dinner several weeks ago and we had wine and main courses and it was about £26 each). Dim sum lunches are always a steal.

D wanted to go to Top Man which we did. I feel too old to go there if I’m honest. Full of young 20 somethings all ridiculously self-consciously dressed and all very skinny. What is it with these new styles? Is it called the teddy-boy look or what?  Everyone is wearing the same shoes now, they’re like lace-up plimsolls. Not me; I don’t follow trends like that, never have. D bought a few shirts from Top Man.

We then went to Uniqlo which has for some time now been my favourite clothes shop. It’s better than Gap, Hennes & Top Man. The quality is that of Gap but the prices are that of Hennes. It’s less trend-obsessed than Top Man. And I always find something I like.

Today I bought a new jacket (reduced to £19.99) and some jeans £25 (I already have 2 other pairs of jeans from there so didn’t even need to try them on as they fit me like a glove).

What think you?

PS You can be honest in the poll as I can’t track who voted which way!

jacket from uniqlo

jeans from uniqlo

jacket from uniqlo

PS The jacket is a medium. The jeans are 32×34 which if I’m honest, are on the tight side. The t-shirt is old, from Hennes. The shoes were bought in Montreal from Old Navy back in 2006.

5 thoughts on “Hit miss or maybe?

Add yours

  1. Wow you know what Old Navy is!!!
    Good bargains – and I would keep it all. I laughed at your too old for Top Man comment.
    The jeans don;t look too snug although you could, perhaps, put 10p on betting where your equipment is (that sounds so bad – hope you know what I mean)….

  2. I can’t believe you think you’re too old for topman. You’re not that old yet!
    Run the jeans through the wash – that’ll get them fitting properly.

  3. Betty – LOL at the 10p comment!

    Vic – yeh, I think they do need to go through the way as they feel tight.

    I guess I’m not too old for Top Man but I am older than the average shopper. That’s what being in your 30s is like, the transition stage!

  4. Like it all but especially the T-shirt.

    I hate those jeans that teenagers (mostly) wear with the crotch somewhere round their knees. What’s all that about then? (she said, sounding about ninety-four)

  5. Daphne – thanks. That t-shirt doesn’t (currently) fit *cough*. But when I’ve rejoined a gym next year and start running again, I hope to lose the stone or so I’ve gained over the past 6-9 months.

    I also HATE that style where guys where trousers hanging halfway down. Looks completely ridiculous and totally lemming-like.

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