Confirmation that Jeremy Clarkson is an idiot

At the outset I should state that I have always loathed Jeremy Clarkson. He represents all that I despise in middle-England Neanderthal man – homophobic, bigoted, narrow minded, chauvinistic and all the rest of it. He has always been thus.

Reading this in The Telegraph, about how he destroyed one of the last remaining Routemaster buses (I travelled on these for years and have a huge soft spot for them) really got my goat.

The presenter, who is known for his controversial views, destroyed the classic British double-decker in a huge fireball as part of his new DVD, Thriller.

However, fans of the famous design are angry that one of only 500 remaining Routemasters in the country had been destroyed. Andrew Morgan, chairman of the Routemaster Association, said: “It’s just sacrilege and a very sad thing to do. Why pick on a vehicle like that when you wouldn’t do it to a classic car like an E-type and there are more of them? There are plenty of other red double-deckers that he could pick on in scrapyards.

“Typical Clarkson, he likes picking on things that people know. The way he attacked caravans was done in a similar vein. He does things just to make a story to sell his video. The worst of it is that I’m a Top Gear fan.

“This bus is held in great affection by the public. It was in service for the best part of 50 years and it’s been part of everyone’s life for so long. The only way he can slightly redeem himself is if he gives the wreck over to us for spares.”

Clarkson – you are, were, and always will be in my opinion and that of many others – the epitome of what the word dickhead was coined to describe.

Apologies for the slightly vulgar language but this buffoon deserves it.

13 thoughts on “Confirmation that Jeremy Clarkson is an idiot

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  1. The guy is an idiot and should probably be locked away. He does my nut. I hate it on Sundays when Urbanvox and the boy just sit and watch top gear all day.

  2. Vic – I’m not actually over-sensitive about stuff and I’m not very PC, I don’t think. But he’s a very well known TV personality and if he’s seen to belittle people and use ‘gay’ in a pejorative way on his show – which is funded by the license-payer – he should be taken to task. Gay people are portrayed badly enough (think of Eastenders or Emmerdale plot lines) without him doing it on a car show. He thinks it’s harmless but it’s not as it perpetuates negative – and false – stereotypes.

  3. His voice does my f—ing head in. The best way to describe him is an overgrown child. If that man had to to real work instead of getting paid to act like a child, I bet there wouldn’t be as much crap coming out of his mouth.

  4. The best comfort for me was to listen to Arthur Smith demolishing him on Andrew Brigstock’s ‘So You’ve Never Seen Star Wars’, broadcast on Radio 4 a little while ago.

    My own theory on why he is so angry is because he’s talentless, and knows it!

    ps I might have got the name of the programme a little wrong

  5. Clarkson is the original overbloated, spoilt brat. The guy has no talent and is a liabilty to BBC. Why the BBC carry on paying him massive fees to insult the intelligence of viewers defies logic.
    In a nutshell, he is so spoilt and rich he considers he can say anything he likes. Even if this means actually insulting people on his shows and in his private life.
    The guy should be sacked by the BBC and sent off in a car that suits his personality…a Trabant. By law Clarkson should not be able to drive any other car than his Trabant. A fitting tribute to this king of idiots.

  6. Jeremy Clarkson is a total buffoon his comments about civil service workers strike was totally out of order He is a waste of money on the BBC wage bill surely this guy cant be allowed to continue at the BBC as a presenter This guy wouldnt know what its like to do a hard days work he seems to forget its the honest working man & woman that that pays his wages through the TV licence so those at the top at the BBC should get rid of this idiot now before he mouths of again and damages the BBC credibility whats left of it.


  7. As an Yank, I’m only familiar with Jeremy Clarkson from “Top Gear”. Now that I’ve read some of his wit and wisdom, I have to say, he does sound like a reactionary bigot with no interesting ideas. I’d say it’s generational — but he was born the same year as me, so that’s no excuse.

  8. Note: I think I started to write “As an American”, changed it to “Yank”, and ended up with “As an Yank”. How embarrassing.

  9. This guy is a tool.
    Seeking ratings and market-share by appealing to the lowest life form on this island:
    [] Nationalism at a level not witnessed in Europe since the 40’s; everything English is perfect, everything from abroad is junk … so, you may be an illiterate third-generation dole-boy that hates anyone and everything that is better then you … it’s OK, we’re English.
    [] Phobias’ down to an art form; xenophobic, homophobic, racist…
    [] If you eliminated his ability to use worn-out / dated / inaccurate stereotypes …. could he even fill 10 minutes of airtime? French are cowards and incompetent, Germans lack style and creativity, Americans are all fat and stupid…. Well. The French have a government that acts in response to the populations needs and desires — and if they do not — the French pursue passive protest until they have a result. The opposite of England. Do I need to mention the Bauhaus movement in Germany and the fact that they have the highest standard of living in the world … consistently for the last 25 years. Don’t make the Yanks angry, they may shut-off your electricity and water … because your ruling class sold everything decades ago.
    It is truly a shame that this bingo-brain could have actually helped raise the awareness of a country with the lowest investment in education (per capita) in Europe, consistently since 1965. Instead, he chooses to feed the lowest level of this class driven culture by pandering to the bottom-feeders.
    Truly a dick-head, including the pubic-haired 70’s doo.
    Is he the local rep for the BNP and/or National Front in Chipping Sodbury?

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