Remembrances of Rome

I was in Rome 4 months ago. I adored it. It’s probably my favourite capital in Europe.

The weather is incredibly bleak in the UK today. It’s now raining hard I believe (the curtains are closed and I haven’t looked out) but it’s been slate-grey all day. So I looked through some of my photos.

What can I say about the Colosseum? It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Truly amazing! Think Gladiator!



This is the Pantheon, it dates to 125 AD.


I call this photo ‘ray of light’. Reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Is inside the Pantheon.

inside the pantheon

Inside the Pantheon.

inside the pantheon

The Trevi Fountain

trevi fountain

Inside the Vatican

inside the vatican

Stained glass inside the Vatican

stained glass inside vatican

I love this picture. It’s a staircase in the Vatican.

vatican staircase seashell

Ara Pacis peace monument dates back to 9 BC (now protected in a giant greenhouse thing).

ara pacis

View over Rome

view over roma

All pictures Nikon D50 various lenses (lots of them likely to be with Sigma 10-20 wide-angle).

5 thoughts on “Remembrances of Rome

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  1. I am traveling to Rome in a few weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I have never been to Europe. Your pictures were wonderful and included some of the attractions that I want to be sure to see. Any recommendations?

  2. Daphne – thanks, you should go back! That said, you’ve not done badly with all these Paris trips!

    Courtney – hi, I’m jealous – you’ll love it! I would recommend:

    -Vatican City (including St Peter’s also go up to the top of St Peter’s up the long flight of steps as the view from the top is amazing).
    -Sistine Chapel (in Vatican) is jaw-dropping. Painted in 1508 by Michelangelo it is spellbinding to behold!
    -Trevi Fountain (is nice to see)
    -Spanish Steps (are ok, though there was building work around that area when we were there in June)
    -The Forum / Palatine Hill (ancient capital)
    -Via del Corso (main shopping street)
    -Ara Pacis

    We also went to a lot of the big churches / basilicas as they are ancient and interesting to see inside of. Most are free I seem to recall.

    Try to avoid the obviously touristy places to eat. Anywhere with ‘tourist menu’ in huge lettering on the outside won’t be ideal. We stayed close to the Forum and I was pleasantly surprised that we ate really well over the 5 days. The first time I went to Rome I think we stayed closer to the centre and it was harder to find ‘less touristy’ places to eat but there’s enough choice that you’ll find decent places.

    I’m probably forgetting stuff but the friend I went with planned the trip and did the itinerary, I just tagged along. But that should give you a few ideas.


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