Wouldn’t mind a netbook

I use a desktop. It’s beginning to show its age. Very cranky and slow to start up. I’m not sure how old it actually is. Four or five years is my guess.

It’s reached the point now that when I start-up, it will not ‘post’ (I think that’s the word??) i.e. it will restart itself shortly after the Windows XP logo shows. This happened since XP service pack 3 was installed. I get round it by hammering the F8 key after the bios (!) msg and that takes me to a little screen saying ‘boot from..’ and I choose HD (rather than USB, disk drive, etc).

At the very least this PC needs a total re-install of XP. It has so many old games, old programs and general crap on it. Doing that is a big pain though and I can’t find the energy to do it just yet. Especially as it takes ages, what with backing up all my stuff, re-installing software, etc, etc. Painful.

I have my eyes on this little netbook. It has 7 hours battery, built in wifi etc, and is very compact.

It’s an Asus EEPC 1000H and you can see it on Amazon.co.uk. Can be had for around £303. Also a youtube review here.

I live in a small flat. Do I really need 2x PCs? How useful is wifi in such a small abode (my broadband is wifi enabled and I used it on my dad’s laptop which I bought for him, you may recall)? I don’t have a garden, etc. That said, this is so small and compact (and boots up fast) it would be quite a luxury. Could watch TV and have it on the side. Or blog from bed, heaven forbid! Feels an age since I’ve treated myself. I’m surely tempted. I believe Daphne uses a similar machine and seems happy with it.

Anyone else use a netbook or for that matter a laptop? Prefer it over a desktop? Anything else I should be considering? Before you mention MAC, I doubt I’m prepared to pay the premium that those entail…

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  1. We have 3 PCs and 2 laptops in this house. I only ever use my laptop now. Even if I were in a flat I think a laptop is still the way to go – plus for travel etc it makes it so easy (and addictive).

  2. Curses. Scotched in the last line. The little netbook does look nifty though. I might encourage Jim to get one to replace the horror that is the Dell desktop. That’s one thing I wouldn’t lament going overboard somewhere in the Gulf of Aden…

  3. Birdie – thanks, I think laptop is the way to go!

    Sven – hehe, I remember that you (and Vern, and possibly Lula) are all Mac fans! 😛

    Craig – well hi-de-hi stranger! 😛 Thanks for the tip, I’d heard that one was good. Yeh, I do think netbook is the way to go for sure. The more I look at them the more I want one…

    PS @Craig, love the avatar!! 😀

  4. Small and compact is definitely the way to go. We’ve got two laptops and PC here. I like the PC cos it’s at the desk with a good chair and stuff, but the laptop is good for slobbing around on the sofa etc, and it goes outside the house too. If you’re happy to pay extra than you would for the desktop version it’s gotta be worth it.
    Make sure it handles all you want it to do before you buy it though.

  5. I’m sure Daphne will tell you more about her Eee but I think the only issue she has with it is getting used to the much smaller keyboard which makes touch typing a new learning experience. Yes it has it’s limitations but as a go anywhere, solid state (no moving disk drive) light as a feather, cute as a button laptop, it’s hard to beat.

    Given my circumstances, I’ve had laptops for many years (Compaq, Toshiba and now a Sony Vaio) and would never go back to a desktop.

  6. Vic – you’re like Birdie! You have a husband and children and enough PCs for one each, even the young kids! 😛

    SB – The Eee I’m looking at is slightly bigger I think and does have an HD rather than SSD. I think my hands may be too big for the (I think 900 model) that Daphne has. But the form factor over all is really appealing.

    I’ve come close to buying it but at the cheapest place they’re out of black. Plus, I know that job 4, for example, would give me a laptop if I end up there… so really probs not a good idea for me to buy one until I’m in situ at wherever I end up. Highly tempting though!

  7. It’s great to carry around (I took it to Paris of course!), boots up really fast and the picture quality is great. I love it! As Silverback says, the only downside is the keyboard which may not matter so much to other people. The size I get used to after a bit (I type a lot on full-size keyboards too so keep having to readjust) but one or two of the keys are in slightly different places and that confuses me because I touch-type and key positions are hard-wired into my brain! I wouldn’t have it as a main computer for this reason but as an additional one it’s fantastic.

  8. Daphne – thanks, is good to know. I certainly am hankering after a netbook now. I’ll wait until I know what I’m doing on the work front. Some of the roles I’m up for I would undoubtedly be loaned a work laptop (though at work I’d rather have a desktop) so I’ll hold fire for one more week.

  9. I use a laptop. It’s a Toshiba Satellite. About 2 years old now. Great quality, but heavy as hell (8 lbs, I think). I don’t take it anywhere unless I go out of town for more than a few days. My next computer will be a desktop again, I think. I might be able to get work to buy me a small, cheap laptop on the side. But if I ever do a laptop again, it will be LIGHT and PORTABLE.

  10. I work permanently on my wee 14″ HP, it’s great. I’ve had it for three years now and it’s still in pretty good shape, although coming to the end of it’s life probably. It’s perfect, no backing up or syncing with a desktop – it’s small enough to fit in most of my bags and yet not too small to work on all day everyday. It’s work PC, home PC, travel laptop, and everything else rolled into one.

  11. Pete – thanks. Seems all who have small form-factor laptops (and laptops in general to be fair) love them. Those of us still using desktops increasingly feel like dinosaurs!

    I now have my eye on the about to be released Samsung NC10


    I need to treat myself (I’m serious) after the 3.5 months of sheer graft I had to put up with during my last job. The only good thing about that job was the money, so I need to show myself why it wasn’t all a total waste of time 🙂

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