Supermarket sweep

I drove to the supermarket today (Sainsbury’s) for the first time in ages. A couple of months at least since last I went. I make do with M&S food outlets, Tesco Metros (ugh) and the deli (yum, though ££). So it was time I went. Nice and quiet at lunchtime on a Tuesday so it was fairly painless.

I like food. I like high calorie food at that. It’s not ideal I know. I spent about £65. I’d bought some stuff for Sheridan as he hasn’t been in ages and asked if I would. He likes quite random stuff. A whole cucumber. Walkers Sensations crisps ‘the Chinese-y ones’, huge packets of sultanas (like the ones you use for cooking). Fairly easy to please. Chinese Sensations aren’t in stock so I got the black pepper and sea salt and the chicken flavoured ones.

Whilst I got a few salady things for myself, also fruit, yoghurt, etc, other items of note include:

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  1. Love the photos, something warm and fuzzy about them. Did I spy a tub of Rachel’s yoghurt in your fridge?

    My dad used to import De Cecco; I still buy it, when I don’t buy fresh pasta, but I do make my own concoction of a sauce, which always starts with fried pancetta, rosemary, oil, onion and garlic.

    mmm, crumpets.

  2. Lula – crikey that was well spotted! Yes, it’s Rachel’s organic probiotic Vanilla yoghurt (I’ve not been near an M&S recently as I usually buy their normal organic probio one).

    I haven’t bought fresh pasta in ages. I probs ought to. Hmmm, home-made sauce sounds nice! I haven’t cooked in ages if I’m honest…

  3. Hen – glad I’m not the only one! Just had take-away curry with all the trimmings. On the white wine now too (left over from yesterday’s party, masses of it half opened so I’ve taken some back to London!)

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