Disco 2000

Music takes you back. It always does.

This tune came out in 1995.

In 1995 I was a student at a university in New England, USA. I was a bit of a goody two shoes back then. Fairly quiet.

I wrote for the daily student newspaper. It had a circulation of 25,000 (daily). I covered The Arts, among other things. The university was quite large. Like most universities, a lot of cultural stuff took place. Lots of concerts, exhibitions of all kinds, dramatic reproductions, etc. I covered quite a few (mainly for the free tickets!) and did write ups. I also did the odd album review, also book reviews. I even did a travelogue or two.

I should add that I’m not much of an NME person. I don’t ‘live and breath’ music. But I like certain genres. I always loved Britpop.

When Different Class by Pulp came out – I instantly adored it. Disco 2000 is one of my favourite songs.

I reviewed the album for the newspaper and gave it 5*. There was a large British community of exchange students at the university I was at. We were quite a tight, clique community. We were all mad on Britpop too. I wouldn’t have dared give it less than 5* – though I loved it anyway.

I also reviewed Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. I also gave this 5*.

I have very fond memories. It seems like a lifetime ago now… We had what in retrospect seemed like endless parties. We all had fake ID (Massachusetts is quite tough on under-age drinking).

I remember the girl from my English class who was all over me like a cheap suit. ‘Committed Anglophile’ isn’t far off the mark. She longed for an English boyfriend. She wasn’t unattractive. But… well, you know the rest. Didn’t end well, put it that way 🙂

Like I say, fond memories.

6 thoughts on “Disco 2000

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  1. I was 12 years old and I rawked that album. What’s the story just wasn’t quite as good though. I bet you also had blur’s great escape there too.

  2. I’m a big Blur/Oasis fan myself. I prefer “later Blur”, though. THINK TANK is a highly underrated album, I think.

    The “Committed Anglophile” story makes me wonder how strong your accent is. Of course, you might think I have a strong accent too. Life is funny that way. We never think of ourselves as different. It’s always the other person.

  3. 14giants – I don’t think my accent is very strong, just kind of regular English. I have heard your accent on one of your yourtube vids. I like the way Canadians say ‘out’. Sounds like ‘oowt’ which is kind of Scottish to my ears.

    One of these days we must do an audio chat on Skype etc.

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