Job hunting – verbal decline & verbal acceptance

I have just turned down the ‘fall back’ job with the (recent) ex-boss. The one at the second division firm that I was never that keen on in the first place. Was so kind of him to offer me the role though, so I squirmed a bit having to turn it down (I was due to start on Monday and the contract came through yesterday!!) but he took it OK. This was ‘job 2’.

I have now been verbally offered ‘job 4’ – the one for which I met the CEO yesterday. This is the most senior of the roles, the one for which there is no job spec even! (It’s a brand new role). This is the one I have warm and fuzzy feelings about for all sorts of reasons. Their main HR person is on study leave for a couple of days, hence nobody being in touch re: the contract. But P, the guy I used to work with – who works there and who basically got me the job – has been in touch and it’s all confirmed and going through. Happy days 🙂

Incidentally, I had a ‘job 6’ interview today. With a major international blue-chip professional services firm (competitor of the one I met on Monday). I came so close to cancelling this as I thought ‘what’s the point’ but by the law of sod – it went really well. It’s quite a senior role and it’s questionable how good my fit would be (skill wise), but a lot of the key traits for the role are about project management and confidence working with partners and I have those and I think it came over in interview. I interviewed with two people and it was absolutely fine, I quite enjoyed meeting them. The role itself is also very interesting. This is in contrast to the ‘job 5’ interview on Monday just gone where the woman was really quite cold and distant. Also, this was at their flagship London HQ and it was a very impressive building. Their client suite was full so we had the interview in an internal meeting room and it was great as I got to see the real work environment. Very high end and very impressive. Anyway, this isn’t likely to be a goer as my real interest is in ‘job 4’ (which I’ve to all intents and purposes verbally accepted anyway), but I’m really glad I went to the interview. The brand and status conscious part of me is keen as it’s a household name, but there’s more to life. Anyway, they will now debrief and there may be a second interview though assuming I’ve started at ‘job 4’, I will of course decline and say I’m in a new role. I liked them though. For a global career in professional services (in a huge firm) it’s a highly attractive proposition.

The irony of today’s interview is that they asked the questions I’d HOPED the woman on Monday would have asked, i.e. “tell us what you like about the firm, what on the website caught your eye?” etc, etc. I was so blase about this role I hadn’t even READ the job spec nor done any research on their website. Whereas, for Monday’s meeting (with their competitor) I swotted up like mad, though all to no avail (in fairness I haven’t had feedback yet).

Anyway, I’m totally interviewed out now. I’ve had nine interviews in the few couple of weeks and I genuinely cannot cope with any more. Having verbally accepted ‘job 4’ which I’m actually really excited (and a little bit daunted!) about – there should not now be any more, hopefully for several years…

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  1. Birdie – they want me to start asap! It’s a really nice place though, nice office and lovely part of the city. Monday seems unlikely (well, it may be possible though I doubt the contract will be signed+sealed by then) but even so.

    Sure do need a break!

  2. Sven – yup, sure does 😛 All I would say is that they’re a very, very chilled out organisation (whereas, I wouldn’t have dared blog at the last place as they made it fully known that they pried on our web activity). This place would be totally different (I know for a fact) so the odd blogging break would be fine I’m sure 🙂

  3. Daphne – I know, has been really crazy. Genuinely. I really do not want any more interviews any time soon. It was a good experience. By the end I’d become quite calm about them and any nerves I might once have had about interviewing are definitely now gone.

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