The Dearly Beloved

I’d wanted to do a ‘circle of bloggery’ post for a while (well, that’s my term for it) but haven’t got round to it yet.

It’s nothing more than a little extra info on the people whose blogs I follow. This isn’t everyone on the Blogroll I’m afraid (some of them are new, for example). But it’s most of those on that list. These days I tend to refer to them simply as the dearly beloved.

They are an eclectic and quite eccentric group of individuals who have been crazy kind enough to follow me through my various blogging iterations over the years.

If you haven’t checked them all out – do. I consider myself quite discerning and wouldn’t read them if they weren’t good.

The list below is, generally speaking, the order in which I first became acquainted with each blogger.

Suburban Mum (aka Hen)

I have known Hen (in person) since sometime in 2000 when I joined the firm she worked at.

Hen left London, moving to ‘the north’. Roll over celebrity blogger ‘Wife in The North’, Hen’s blog (especially after the move) was a warts and all account of what leaving behind your roots is like and settling somewhere new. There is a big difference between ‘north and south’ in the UK and she has talked a lot about it.

Currently job hunting (and touch wood the end could be very close), her blog carries everything from recipes to travelogues to photography. She has a large following these days and blogs with honesty about food and parenting issues. She is also a blog/tech queen and knows a thing or too about blogging (as dear old Sven found out when she rescued his blog!)

Through Hen I now regularly blog Mumof4 and Vic. Hen also recommended Puntabulous through whom I then met 14giants. Through me she found Pete, Lula, Sven and others.

A Million Pieces (aka Pete)

Pete and I began blogging each other way back in 2003 when we were on 20six (Pete is now on the staff there so still hosts his blog on that site). Pete’s blog has always covered a broad of subjects from sport through to current events, music and arts reviews, etc. Pete lives up north near Newcastle and he is a committed Christian. We are liberals but he (like me) gets wound up by a lot of the crap that takes place in society – dumbing down of standards, increasingly anti-social behaviour, 3rd rate television, lax and incompetent government policy, etc, so we’re quite happy to rant on one another’s blogs.

Pete loves writing (and has a self-published novel). He also does NaNoWriMo each year which he is trying to get me to do! πŸ˜›

We began blogging one another back in 2003.

Puntabulous (aka Craig), owned and run by Craig, is probably the most ‘successful’ of all the blogs I read if one uses the criteria of page hits (he’s almost at 500,000) and some of his posts have several hundred comments. He has a committed and very loyal following.

What can I say about Craig? Lives in New York, he’s tall, he is – like me – ‘desperately seeking stephen’ – among other things! I think he has the best avatar (blog profile picture) of my commentators as it’s cartoonish and makes me laugh. He’s also the author/creator of ‘Super Viagra’ which is a superhero cartoon series with a big following! Check it out.

I found Craig through a recommendation of Hen. He and 14giants also blog one another, as does Sven.

Ryan Edward Miller

What can I tell you about Ryan? Probably one of the most eccentric bloggers I follow. He has a fondness for prescription drugs, gambling, lomography (a type of photography) and is the number 1 fan bar none of The Darcys (a Canadian Indie band). Just check out his blog and you’ll see what I mean.

Ryan lives in Vancouver and works in academia.

I found 14giants through an intermediary of Craig’s.

Lula Bites

Lula found my blog when I went through a phase of writing up Nigella Bites reviews which had been on the TV. She’s the original ‘domestic Goddess’ and should be referred to if you want food or recipe suggestions! A gay woman these days living with her American partner in Antwerp, Belgium, she is also a mother so blogs with honesty about bringing up a child and the trials and tribulations of lesbian parenting.

She’s in the process of moving blogs (I’m suggesting she moves to!) so the address may change soon.

Very into the arts (her partner is a professional photographer), her blog is an eclectic scrapbook of arty finds and musings.

These days Lula is now hooked up with Hen, Mumof4, Vic and Sven.

Sven’s Guide To…

The biggest thing to say about Sven is that he’s imminently moving to Sydney, Australia. A 20 something Brit who lives in Bristol where he works in academia, Sven and his boyfriend are leaving the UK for pastures new – an exciting proposition!

As bloggers go, Sven isn’t what you’d call ‘prolific’. If he can manage one a week that’s considered good going. Instead, he’s very into ‘micro blogging’ which of course is another word for saying Twitter and Tweeting. You can stay fully up to speed with what he’s up to via twitter.

What else is there to say about Sven? He’s adept at sign language, enjoys trampolining to stay fit, loves outrageous fancy dress parties and is something of a hard drinker and ‘life and soul of the party’ type.

I’m going to admit that I can’t remember when Sven and I first found one another. These days he’s also hooked in to Hen, Mumof4, Craig, Mike, Paul and Lula, among others.

Big Yellow Taxi (aka Mike)

Mike does not blog a massive amount these days but he’s been around a long time and his blog is not far off 300,000 hits! Mike’s blog is a combination of musings on current affairs and one man’s perspective on life in general (he’s gay but it’s by no means a single issue blog).

Mike lives in Leeds and is about to start a new job so it’s exciting times for him. He goes to Miami every year for a 2 week holiday and has a long-term partner. He’s into writing and new media in general and is an all round good egg.

Mike and I have blogged one another from very early on, can’t remember exact date.

Yarraville Paul (aka Paul)

Paul lives in Sydney, Australia and we’ve blogged one another for quite some time. Paul doesn’t give too much away about his private life but he’s a gay man who nods naturally in the direction of the arts so his blogging is quite eclectic, like Lula’s. Oh, he’s also an Apple-man so is into iPhones and Macs.

I can’t recall off-hand when Paul and I started blogging one another but it’s been quite a long time now.

My Dad’s a Communist (aka Daphne)

Daphne came to me via Mike’s blog. When she first arrived I remember surfing onto her blog and as the title is in capitals, I read it as: “I’m a columnist”. Was quite some time before the penny dropped and I realised it actually said “My dad’s a communist”! That’ll teach me to read properly!

Daphne is an indefatigable blogger who posts at least once a day. She has an interesting job managing an actors’ agency but she also works in a dramatic capacity herself, training young doctors on the ‘softer’ side of their skills, i.e. she teaches empathy and social skills through role-play.

With quick and often quite dry wit, Daphne’s blog is varied and includes everything from anecdotes on friends and family through to musings on current affairs. She – like me – often turns to remembrances of things past for inspiration. An old photo, an old item of something or other – triggers memories and stories. She also blogs with candour about the NHS and nursing homes (her father – the Communist – lost his leg a few years ago, for example, and is in a nursing home).

She seems to be going to Paris a lot with work at the moment but she is based in Leeds. She says herself she’s not much of a global traveller, but she’s heading Stateside this autumn to visit Silverback, a friend she made via blogging. Something tells me she’ll have a fantastic time!

Daphne found me via Mike’s blog.

Globewriter (aka Vern)

Vern has yet to leave a comment for me on my new blog but this is primarily because he’s having big PC problems with Tinkerbelle (his laptop) and Sybil (his desktop). Yes, before you ask. Vern is a bona fide eccentric in the best sense of the word!

Vern grew up in Canada but now lives in Trinidad. He is a news presenter on television and he also writes for Fodor’s (the travel guide).

Vern is quite a quiet, reflective type and it takes a while to get to know him. He’s a decent and interesting person when you do. He’s not a massive blogger so don’t expect ‘serial blogging’, but what he does write is thoughtful and interesting, especially as he has an inside-view of the politics and machinations of that part of the world.

I can’t remember off-hand how Vern and I found one another.

Mumof4 (Betty aka Birdie)

I call her Betty because we both love Mad Men and know all the characters. Betty is on the ‘prolific’ side of blogging (like I’ve been this month) and her blog is often a stream of consciousness. Betty is British but she and her British husband have lived for many years in the US, having lived all over. These days she lives in Colorado where she brings up 4 children.

How would I sum up Mumof4’s daily life??? Hmm, think ‘Simpsons meets Desperate Housewives’ and that’ll give you a pretty good idea! (I hope she doesn’t mind that description!!!!). She blogs with humour about the highs, lows and in betweens of life in America, bringing up 4 children, married life, etc, and the variety and frequency of her blog posts make it a lucid and interesting read.

I found Mumof4 through Hen.

Glowstars (aka Vic)

Vic is one of the few other bloggers I follow who lives in London. She works at a major City firm I almost got a job at, but fate decided otherwise.

Vic is married to a UrbanVox (who is Brazilian, he’s in the blogroll) and she blogs with humour and honesty about the balancing act required to live in this huge and expensive city (London), bringing up a young son, etc. She’s very into writing (has always written poetry) and is now planning to do NaNoWriMo. To that end, I’ve hooked her up with Pete who is also doing it!

She is an all round good-egg.

Vic found me via Hen.

Retirement Rocks (aka Silverback)

Silverback is a relatively recent find (via Daphne). A 56 year old Brit who spends 49.9% of the year at his home in Florida (the rest of the year in Leeds, UK) – he’s an enigmatic so-and-so and his blog is well worth reading. Whilst I enjoy all of the blogs I read, very few set out to make you laugh but Silverback’s often does and laugh I have done! I remember him blogging about the Olympics (and I was feeling particularly depressed about my last job) but he really put a smile on my face.

He’s had 2 heart attacks so as his followers we hopes he takes it easy. He’s into photography, socialising and eating, i.e. all the best things in life!

Silverback found me via Daphne.

That’s a pretty good recommendation isn’t it? Now go forth and blog!

PS Yes, this blog entry is 2,000 words and did take a long time to write and format! Worth it though.

18 thoughts on “The Dearly Beloved

Add yours

  1. Pete – thanks! And that was a quick response! I just felt that on so many other blogs, I see names but know nothing about those other commentators. On my blog I want ‘the regulars’ to know something about the other regulars!

  2. That brought back memories of those sporting and academic results lists that used to be posted at school when I was a young ‘un.

    I’d start at the top of course and hope to God that I’d appear somewhere on the damn thing.

    Ok I’m not seeing myself. Panic closely followed by shame. Getting to the bottom now and still not seeing myself. Oh the inhumanity !!!

    The browser slider thingy is almost at the bottom and dammit I’m STILL not seeing myself. I start making excuses. Well he hardly knows me. I’m a newbee in his life. I shouldn’t have had hopes. Sighhhhhh.

    Oh holy shit I’m THERE. Wooooohoooooo. Doing the happy dance. I’ve managed to do what I never managed to do at school. I’ve made it onto a list.

    God bless you, young man. You’ve made an old(er) man very happy. (I’d send you a nudge nudge wink wink smiley face at this point but I donno how to. Sending it telepathically)

  3. Craig – thanks, yes, I blame you! πŸ˜›

    Silverback – the list wouldn’t have been complete with out you on. But yup, you’re the last one as you’re the most recent find πŸ˜› To do smilies you just do a colon and a bracket next to each other with no space πŸ™‚ Works on wordpress but I’m not sure about blogger or blogspot.

  4. Oh, you make me roar! I found you via a comment you left on Craig’s blog about travelling to work on the tube and hating people who sit with their legs touching yours. “Aha,” I thought, “now here’s a blogger I can get on board with”, and the rest is history.

    Anyhoo, I am working on the prolific bit – shorter and more often is the way forward – and I might have to use your wonderful summary for my “About me” page. Cheers m’dears!

    (Oh, and “hard drinker”? I prefer “skilled”.)

  5. 14giants – I think your blog could be described as eccentricity elevated to an art form!

    Hen – πŸ˜€

    Sven – a-ha, you have a much better memory than me! The leg touching I’m OK with these days (especially depending on the person!), but it’s when people (OK, men) insist on sitting with their legs wide open when people need to sit on either side that really pi$$es me off, still does!

  6. Aww..thanks for including my eccentric self in the list. It means a lot..seriously. And obviously, despite being in Aruba now I am reading yours. I am hoping you will graduate me to being bitchy and eccentric.

    I think you discovered mine first and then I read yours and was hooked. I was especially thrilled when I reached the lofty heights of being allowed to read protected posts.

  7. Vern – you’re certainly putting this blog on the map, all the exotic visitor flags are from your neck of the woods! πŸ˜›

    Ah, I wondered how we found one another. Feels like I’ve known you a long time (a good thing!).

    Enjoy your trips, I’m not jealous, honest, white beaches, beautiful hotels, great food, etc……..! *sigh* πŸ˜›

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