Day 1 – A new beginning

I started my new job today.

It went well. A breath of fresh air compared to my last employer. Hard to describe the place, they have quite a unique culture. Very relaxed, informal, ‘fluid’ is what they call it. Very high level. They’re mostly working with FTSE100 firms.

The people were all very friendly and welcoming. The free lunch was nice (we get that every day, choice of three venues). I’ve got a new work laptop. My PDA is also on its way and I should get that at the end of the week.

The only thing that was a little odd was my dress code. I was told to dress down, but my boss – the Ops Dir – is a nice lady but a bit scatty. So I was a little too dressed down for my liking. I had on cream coloured cords, a nice shirt and a brown V-neck woollen pullover. I’m not keen on light coloured trousers, but what smart casual trousers do I have other than cords and chinos? Tomorrow I might wear my non-suit trousers, the slim ones (that’s assuming I can get into them).

The only other (minor) downside is the location. A lovely part of London at the very centre of the West End – but requires me to take the tube as well as the train and it’s many years since I’ve had to catch the tube to work. I’ll get used to it though, I’m sure. Is a lovely area though.

I’ve got a big remit and my diary for the week gave me quite a shock – choc full of meetings. I am meeting every fee earner in the London office for 30 minute intro meetings. I also met the CEO today. I like him and we got on well. There is a lot to do, as mentioned. My role is brand new (unusual, usually you’d be filling someone else’s shoes) so the role will be very much what I make it.

The perks are good. We have all company lunch and drinks on Friday. I get a food hamper at Christmas time, lunch is provided each day as are all soft drinks, chocolate (!) and also health bars, bread, butter, milk, coffee, tea, etc. Not ideal for the weight loss but there we go.

So it’s only day one – but so far so good. My PA was on leave today but she’s in tomorrow and we have a meeting first thing. I hope we both get on as that relationship will be critical.

In other news, my desktop PC is on its last legs. Constantly failing at boot-up (even in safe mode!!!) as it resets itself shortly after the Windows XP logo comes on then goes to the ‘blue screen of death’ with MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. The netbook I want is due in stock on Wednesday so I plan to order it then for delivery Thursday.

Weird being back at work after 3 weeks – but so far so good. Hopefully I’ll be happy here. In the event I’m not – it’s a 6 month contract (initially) so there’ll always be a get out!! I’m thinking positively though.

7 thoughts on “Day 1 – A new beginning

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  1. It all sounds very promising. Just try and avoid the afternoon pop and jaffa cakes or your ‘mean and moody of London’ self portraits will become ‘fat and bloated of West End.’

    Keep with the positive thoughts and good luck.

  2. Glad it went well. My first day of joblessness was equally as busy. Not. Sad news about the desktop – let us know how you get on with the netbook!

  3. I wondered why you were so quiet on twitter yesterday, then it clicked – it was the big day.
    I like the sound of that place – sack your PA and I’ll come and work for you!

  4. Craig – thank you! Yeh, I can tweet during the day and I could blog (they’re very relaxed and no sites are barred and no traffic monitored) – but in turn that makes me feel quite responsible and the time it takes me to blog I think it’s probs not a good idea. Yet! 😛

    Sven – you will find a job soon I’m sure. Very hard job hunting from here though, as you said.

    Vic – hehe, I think you’d like it here. The free chocolate would play havoc with your diet though! 😛

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