Day 2 – Hearts & minds

Had a good second day at work. Enjoyed it more than yesterday. ‘Day 1’ is always such a shock to the system. It’s always going to be unnerving.

Lots of meetings today, met three directors, seemingly endless induction meetings. The culture of this place is WAY out, not like anywhere I’ve worked before. When one of them said “the only rule in this organisation is that there are no rules”, I knew it was going to be interesting. It’s also like a family firm, and this is different to the partnership model I’ve come from, and the PLC model I experienced before that. A family firm is interesting as they self-select and ensuring that you fit in and are ‘like them’ is critical. Am I? I don’t know. I guess the fact my ex-colleague got me the introduction and that he vouched for me counted for a lot.

It has an extremely flat hierarchy. Oh how different from the last place. Good though. The people are genuinely nice, decent. This is of course a huge contrast to the last place where they were cut-throat. Definitely not like that here.

I find so many induction meetings with senior people hard though. It’s like the interview process at times! They ask about you and you feel you’re being scrutinised to an extent. They’re management consultants, and especially in the space in which they work, it goes with the territory. In all of these meetings I’m having to manage expectations (about my role) and gain credibility from quite an early stage. I can do it – but psychologically it’s quite wearing.

The company is growing a lot – at least four new global offices next year will be opened which is very exciting for me as my ‘master plan’ has always been to get out of the UK and live abroad again. They’re quite into international secondments for their staff, too.

The free breakfast and lunch is very nice indeed. A real treat and a nice touch.

The part of London the office is in is absolutely lovely. I know the area but have never worked in it. Full of theatres, boutiques, enjoyable places to eat/drink, even universities. Probably the best part of the West End (except for Mayfair which I used to work in, also very nice, but that has a different vibe too).

Anyway, this update is short and sweet as I’ve had internet problems and am feeling quite worn out. Will simply say so far so good.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Hearts & minds

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  1. It all sounds wonderful and you, above all, sound very happy. None of the wear and tear of the previous firm showing, which is very good. Happy for you!

  2. Congrats. Glad you’re liking the new job! Hopefully your enjoyment of it doesn’t end up simply being a “honeymoon,” but rather, a lasting romance.

  3. Lula – thanks, the place is 100x better than the last one. In fact, there is no comparison.

    Sven – yeh, that was a BIG attraction for me. Very big.

    14giants – oh, agreed. The role itself is great, as is the firm. But without sounding deep – I need lots of change in my life and boxes ticked and the job is only one of those. I will not be truly ‘content’ until there is positive change on other fronts.

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