Day 4 – Premier league

A good day at work. Busy, but good. Keep meeting lots of new people which is great. Overall people have been incredibly welcoming and friendly.

This evening was lovely. 11 of us out for dinner, in Bloomsbury, paid for by the company. There were people from America, New Zealand, Australia, China, Spain and of course the UK. The company is very international. What has struck me is how very high-end it is. The last firm I worked at (which I hated) was in the chaser pack, very much not one of the ‘top firms’, albeit very profitable. The company I was at before that – for 5.5 years – which I have loyalty and fondness to – was floundering at the bottom of the first division, ranked 9th or so in the UK (sadly I think it has now dropped into the second division). We haemorrhaged both profit and staff, but it was our loyalty to one another that bound us.

My new company, on the other hand, is the number one in its sector and is hugely profitable and successful. Just seeing the people around the table at dinner it felt very elitist – but not pretentious. Strong, confident, bright, articulate people. A not unpleasant combination and a scenario in which I feel profoundly comfortable.

In other news – I have my PDA now and it’s great! It has a little keyboard that slots out from it and I can surf the internet anytime, any place. Twitter and email are easy to read, my blog less so – though it still loads. And the telecoms girls said our contract gives us a significant amount of free minutes, ergo I’m not going to be using my personal mobile to make calls with anymore 😉

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