Betty asked about my new PDA. I’m not sure of the model but it says MDA on it.

Click for larger

Good for tweeting, blogging, picture snapping, RSS reading, etc. And the contract we have is unlimited so I can use it as much as I want. I also have a little case thing for it.

It’s certainly come at a good time. I just got my last mobile bill and it was £46!! Have no idea how I ran that up so much. A big downside of the last job (that lasted 4 months) was not getting a work mobile. Glad that has been remedied.

Oh, speaking of gadgety, I haven’t got my new laptop yet. Hopefully early next week!

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  1. Craig – hi, it’s a touchscreen which you use the stylus with. I should have put my hand in the pic to show size as the unit is pretty small. That keyboard is TINY. Only a tiny person could use that keyboard. No way on earth could you type on it.


  2. Wow…..impressive. Now are you one of those people who has to know how every bit of it works straight away, or are you more of a learn along the way chap?

  3. Betty – I declined the manual 😛 Not bothered about knowing how it all works. I’m more big-picture than detail orientated.

    14giants – and so you should old stick! 😛

  4. Wow! This IS my AT&T Tilt with a slightly different front. The keyboard is exactly the same. Maybe I have tiny hands but I can type on it ok.

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