Review: Quantum of Solace

Sheridan wanted to see this so I acquiesced and went to the cinema and saw it with him this evening. I was fairly indifferent about going to see it.

It was ‘OK’. Daniel Craig is fairly good as 007. However, the plot was way too thin for my liking, the film wasn’t raunchy enough and all in all it was just too weak. Definitely not as good as Casino Royale.

The special effects were good but the main ‘plot’ was non-existent in my eyes. Something about Bolivia, empty land in the desert and oil as a precious commodity (but in fact it wasn’t, it was the water). Go figure.

Easy enough to spend 2 hours sitting through but definitely not in the same league as the James Bond greats, I’m thinking License to Kill, Moonraker, Live & Let Die, Goldfinger, etc. No where near.

6.5/10 “Watchable but by no means James Bond at his best”.

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  1. Hen – lol, yeh – though you are a bigger Daniel Craig fan than me. Sheridan said he ‘thoroughly enjoyed it’ so I guess I’m just old school! 😛

  2. Betty – you go to the cinema WAY more than me. This was the first film I’ve been to see at the cinema in sooooo long 😛

    I can’t actually recall what/when I last went to see… I’d rather have seen Brideshead (though it didn’t get great reviews) but it wasn’t on.

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