Jagged little pill

I had a lovely dinner last night. I went to bed around 12. About 2 hours later I woke up feeling like absolute sh*t. Terrible waves of nausea and my stomach felt like it was sticking out.

It was not booze (I’d not had much to drink) nor was it food poisoning (I don’t think). Basically, the food hadn’t ‘gone down’. It was still sitting on my stomach. Not a nice feeling at all. I managed to get back to sleep, only to wake an hour or so later feeling very nauseous. I hate throwing up though in reality I should have done. I didn’t pay for dinner but it would not have been less than £50-£60 a head and it didn’t feel right to be sick. Plus, I hate throwing up. The whole thing is disgusting.

I got up and rummaged around in my kind of medicine box and found some Motilium which is absolutely the right drug for this kind of thing (Sheridan had given them to me ages ago). I popped one and it helped and I went back to bed. But it’s been a very interrupted night and I feel (and look) like sh*t now. Ah well. Could have been worse.

I do occasionally get bad indigestion but this was rare. The fact the food had actually stopped going through my digestive system is slightly concerning but it’s happened before, albeit usually when I’ve consumed large volumes of alcohol which was NOT the case this time.

Am blogging this from bed as I need some more sleep. Where’s Mr Right when you need him for some TLC?

6 thoughts on “Jagged little pill

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  1. I hope you’re feeling better by now. Oh, and I’m going to update my blogroll with your new blog now – – not before time, I know. Glad you can still type on your netbook!

  2. Betty – thanks, the drinking water did help. I was constantly thirsty.

    Daphne – thanks for updating the blogroll! I feel better now (have been out shopping) but haven’t really eaten today.

    Sheridan is doing sausage casserole so I’m going over to have that soon.

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