The world is not enough

My dissatisfaction with the current status quo is well known.

As of next year I will have done 10 years in London. So much has changed in that period. Predominantly – I’ve seen vast numbers of friends leave. These haven’t been replaced. It’s not a doomsday scenario – it’s just a case of that’s how it is.

So I’ve been thinking.

I need change. I’m desperate for this long running chapter of my life to end. I’m wanting to take a strong stand on the issue – to have a master plan, a goal. I want to explore and utilise all my options.

There are options. We have offices around the world but I will have needed to have done at least a couple of years in the UK before something like a transfer to our New York office becomes feasible. Heck, I need to get through my 6 month probation first.

But there is an option nearer to home. We have one other UK office. An office which I’ve worked very closely with over the last few weeks. They’re small but tight knit. They’re all nice people. I’ve met or spoken to most of them.

That office… is in Edinburgh, Scotland. And, dramatic as it sounds – I’m going to ask for a transfer next year. This will of course depend on many things, not least of which will be how much of a success I make of my role down here in London, in the HQ. I think they would be OK about me transferring. Hard to say for sure. Much of what I do in the role is done by email or phone anyway so I don’t see it being a huge issue. It’s all very moot, for now at least.

It would be a big step. Edinburgh is a long way from London. It would be a new chapter in my life.

Let’s see what happens. It’s something I’m going to work towards.

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  1. 14giants – I think that’s exactly what it’s like! That may be the nearest I can therefore get to Canada for the timebeing. It’s a long way from my home (in SE England), it’s different from England, it likes and feels itself to be different and I really need that. It would be a fresh start but with the certainty of a job. Pretty convincing proposition if I can pull it off.

  2. We don’t have an office there. Also, I copped a lot of flack from Sheridan for suggesting it as he’s said it’s not a good place for gay people to go to due to the (albeit not too over the top) Islamic laws etc.

    My job is vv.good, better than I could ever have expected, so staying ‘with the firm’ and going to where they have offices is probably the plan for now.

  3. As someone who takes zero risks in life, I worry that this sounds like change for the sake of change. But in the end, you must do what makes you happy and you’ll have my support 🙂

    And keep in mind this is coming from a guy who still lives with his parents and hates his job. So maybe a little risk/change isn’t the end of the world I fear it to be.

  4. Craig – Sheridan is also very anti-risk/change. I got a dressing down from him on the phone when I told him during which he said it wasn’t a good idea / sounded like a mistake, etc etc. Thanks for your support – shame not everyone can give it! 🙂

  5. I’ve often wondered whether I’d be willing to make a big change like the one you’re proposing. I’d like to think so, but who knows.

    New York would be fun! Mind you, then you’d be close to Craig, and suddenly it would be all Craig Craig Craig, and Fatty gets left out of the loop. LOL.

  6. I have one word… freezing…
    But I kinda liked what I saw there. 🙂

    now… NYC… dude… that would be awesome! Know by personal experience (I lived there for 2 years…) and THAT is what I call living in another world! 🙂

  7. Hmmmm… Scotland. Sounds good to me. Dubai, not so good (they’re not even that tolerant when it comes to straight people, remember the couple on the beach?).
    What about the US? Does your company have offices there? It sounds as if they are quite satisfied with your work so far, so I wouldn’t hesitate about asking when the situation arises.

  8. 14giants – I’ll always have ❤ for fellow photographer Fatty!

    Craig – 😀

    UrbanVox – I need something different. I know the weather isn’t great there but I want to embrace the great outdoors. I’ve reached that age where that kind of thing appeals.

    SCM – my thinking exactly!

    Lula – we have several US offices. Opening new ones in 09 too. Trouble is they need ‘one of me’ in UK and I’ve just been hired so not sure they’d let me go to US yet. In time though, definitely a plan!

  9. I was in St Andrews for 4 yrs. Edinburgh is an amazing city. Have a few friends living there. Very different pace to London, but a beautiful city and I would live there in a heartbeat….

  10. Betty – ah, you know Scotland much better than me. I’ve only been once! Liked it thought.

    Daphne – yeh, I liked the vibes I got from when I was there. I really want the move… fingers crossed.

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