Musings on Manorexia

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skinny model acquascutum

No, that’s not me. It’s an Aquascutum model.

Actually this post title is unfortunate and I probably shouldn’t have used it. But there we go.

I got on the scales today (WeightWatchers, digital, they’re fairly reliable) and the readout did its computations and then blinked up at me 11 st 3.8 lbs. To those who don’t use the antiquated stone system in Britain – that equates to roughly 158 lbs (or 71.6 kgs).

Put simply. This is the lowest I have weighed in many years. I used to put my ‘sweet spot’ at 11 3/4 stone (164 lbs or 74.3 kgs). Not long ago I revised that down to 11.5 stone but it appears even that I’ve now fallen through.

With regard to my other statistics – I’m 6ft tall, have a 32″ waist (though I wear a belt so my actual waist size is probably slightly less than that) and my chest size is a UK 38 (the second smallest size they do in any of the big department stores). For t-shirts and tops I buy small.

skinny aquascutum model

More photos of this model on Aquascutum’s website.

The last time I became somewhat Messianic about my weight people commented. A lot. That was at my old job where I was close to a lot of the people and they knew me well (i.e. the job before the last). I remember clearly one of my closest friends once saying I looked ‘painfully thin’. I don’t look or feel thin. Quite the opposite, I still have quite a lot of fat on me which is why I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and pound the treadmill, bike, cross-trainer and rowing machine.

At the far recesses of my mind I know I’m probably not overweight. But it’s a difficult one to call. Over the last few years it has become extremely important to me. In others I actually find a few extra pounds quite attractive. But not in myself. In myself it is anathema.

I went 5 weeks without going to the gym and my weight climbed steadily to just under 12 stone. This was during the same period I didn’t work (for 3 weeks, often hardly leaving the house as I was job searching) and also my holiday abroad during which we were on half board (unlimited breakfast and dinner) and we all really pigged out.

I felt like I’d lost control. Regaining that control was very important to me. I did regain that control. Through a combination of exercise and strict dieting. Monday – Thursday I’ll have a bowl of fruit & fibre cereal for breakfast. I’ll have something hot for lunch (we get our lunch paid for at work, so I might have a portion of macaroni cheese, or a soup and a piece of quiche, or a sandwich and crisps). Then in the evening I’ll usually have a chopped apple, handful of nuts and sultanas and some ultra-low fat probiotic yoghurt. And no, I don’t feel ravenous. I don’t know why. I just don’t. I think I eat just enough to ward off hunger. I love Marks & Spencer Swiss chocolate and may allow myself 1 or 2 squares several evenings a week. I also drink a fair amount of alcohol which is quite high in calories.

skinny aquascutum model

And at weekends I relax. Toast for breakfast. Ham sandwich, few olives, packet of crisps followed by an almond tart at lunchtime. Possibly a takeaway in the evening. I’ll usually catch up with Sheridan. One of us will probably cook. Possibly something for pudding. Sunday I tend to go to the gym first thing. Come home and have something light for brunch. Then maybe pasta in the evening.

And that’s how it goes.

Anyway, I thought about writing this post following an article I read on fashion and the rising trend in manorexia on the Guardian online last month. The New York Times also had an interesting article titled Vanishing Point.

I don’t have a problem, I’m just very conscious of my weight and like to keep it strictly under control. It’s not an eating disorder.

skinny male models

15 thoughts on “Musings on Manorexia

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  1. I hate you. LOL. I WISH I was 150-something lbs. I’m 6′ and probably 185. And I’ve had a 34 waist for the last 10 years or so.

    That said, you do sound quite thin. For your height, I’d say settling around 170 lbs is ideal. That’s my goal.

  2. I’m sorry, did you say something? I just saw the pretty people. Though I’m quite confused by #2’s eyebrows. I’m wearing that same blue shirt though, with a white long sleeved T underneath. I’m looking quite casual and unlike me today!

    Oh, and I’m 6’4″ and 195. I think the key to staying trim is portion control, not snacking, and no food after 8.

  3. Lula – you’re in ❤ with LTR and family so less incentive. Being single is a contributing factor to OCD tendencies concerning how one presents oneself to the outside world I feel.

    14giants – 34″ is average waist and you sound much more in proportion than me (and I’ve seen photos of you and KNOW you’re not overweight, for sure). You are pretty balanced (physically at least, LOL).

    Craig – pretty weren’t they, especially the blonde one! Wow! Totally agree with you 100% re: portion control AND not eating after dinner.

    Anyway, I got on Sheridan’s scales (he has similar digital scales) albeit I was fully clothed, but I came up as 11st 11.1 lbs (which is 165 lb). A major increase on this morning (and no, my clothing is not especially heavy I don’t think). So I thought maybe my scales were off. I’ve just come home and got on mine (again, clothed; it’s too cold to strip off) and I’m 11st 11.3 so both scales are accurate (to within a very small difference) which is good to know.

    Maybe I was just dehydrated this morning (probably was as I’d been out last night) hence the unusually low figure. I’m not as thin as I first thought; a good thing.

  4. I’m not a fan of those skinny men. I like muscly men, rugby types. Not quite the no-neck knuckles on the ground type though.

    The third one looks like the lead singer of The Feelling a bit.

  5. I’m constantly told I’m underweight and ‘too thin.’ I weigh 110, but I’m not too tall (5’7″). My waist is a problem though cause I can only find 28s (a lot of stores only go as low as 30) and I have to wear a belt with 28s.
    But I eat a normal amount and I don’t eat healthy food all the time… I just don’t gain weight.

    But I hear it’ll all catch up to me in a few years…

  6. As I’ve blogged before, I was an anorexic teen (I’m pretty much fully recovered though I didn’t even out my appetite until my mid-twenties) and I do worry about the whole ‘staying thin’ thing, especially after I hit thirty next year. Fortunately I’m much happier now than I was when I was 15, but it still scares me that I’m quite capable of harming myself to get what I want.

    James keeps an eye on what I eat and tells me off if I digress from a sensible diet. Everyone tells me that you should just eat sensibly and exercise – your body will do the rest. Good advice.

  7. Sven – I remember you posted very candidly about that part of your life a while back. Actually I was going to link to that post but it doesn’t exist any more as was part of your old blog I think.

    I agree with you re: eating healthily AND doing exercise, for sure. Very good advice.

  8. Hey i’m 5ft 9inches and am 7 stone 9lbs thats 108lbs i think or 45kg and i am a male anorexic.

    i am a male model and have walked for brands such as marc jacobs, gucci, ck and tommy Hilfiger and i have noticed the sample sizes getting increacing smaller, thus we have to get smaller… its part of the job..

  9. I have fluctuated between 13st 3lbs and 10st 3lbs!

    I am 5’11 tall and when I weighed just 10st 3lbs (143lbs) my waist measured at just under 29 inches, my chest was around 38-39 inches and my hips (don’t know why I bothered measuring hips) were just over 36 inches.. I had a BMI of just 20… I fitted well into a pair of 30″ jeans but because of my larger hips they fitted snugly, however if I bought them in long (which not many places do) then I would be able to pull them up to my waist and they’d fit slightly looser….. now I am at a healthy weight of 12st (168lbs)

    Just eat healthy and balanced and occasionally pig out if you want to 😉

  10. Ali – yeh, eating healthily and pigging out occasionally is the right thing to do and I agree with that. My issues began when I stopped all exercise 1.5 years ago, which I really regret having done. Planning to restart imminently though! I am not technically ‘overweight’ but can still feel quite a lot of fat on me. I have quite a slim build for 6ft (38″ chest) so anything over 12 stone is fat. My target is 11 stone 7 lbs.

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