Review: Spooks (Episode 6 – Series 7 – BBC)

Not a bad episode. Yes, I have finally caught up with the two I was behind on (I’ve been behind for four weeks now, finally up to speed).

I can’t be bothered to write up too much as the plot lines are too complex.

Anyway, this episode focused on Israel and Palestine. A peace summit is to take place in London. The Foreign Secretary doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Section D have to protect the key players.

The UN representative is pretty crap. There is a shady Mi6 operative who it transpires the Foreign Secretary has employed to knock off the UN rep who isn’t  up to the job of brokering peace (at least I think that was the plot line).

A teenage boy witnesses the Mi6 operative using this special gun that knocks the electrics out of any vehicle. Mi6 come after him but not before Lucas has rescued the boy and his mother and they go into hiding. Turns out Mi6 are after the child, not for the gun, but for the rucksack holding the gun (the boy nicked the rucksack and gun from The Mi6 operative who had chased him after he’d witnessed the murder).

The item they were really after was a USB stick and on it were photos taken by a paparazzi (the guy killed initially by the Mi6 agent) because there were incriminating photos of the Mi6 agent threatening and roughing up the UN rep… and in the photos the Foreign Secretary was there! So she was party to it.

Turns out the Mi6 agent isn’t such a bad guy, though went ‘wild’ some time ago. This is a covert black op, sanctioned by the Foreign Office. This is because they think the only way to get Palestine and Israel to agree to peace is to do it their way, not using the UN who aren’t up to brokering the deal (at least I think that was it).

This was really a background story to the emerging plot line which is that of Sugar horse. We know that Sugar horse was a maximum security operation going back 20 years in which a handful of Mi5 operatives had infiltrated the most senior levels of the (then KGB) FSB. Harry is waiting on an operative to come from Russia with details of who the Mi5 mole is. He asks Connie, who he now trusts, to intercept the Sugar horse double agent who is coming in to London. Trusting her, he himself sets up a low level Russian player to be the fake FSB mole who he meets in London (this is far too confusing to understand unless you watch the series).

To cut a long story short. They manage to prevent the assassination of the UN rep by the Foreign Secretary (who sees the error of her ways, I think). The bad news is that, having been given new identities for their own protection, the mother and son are meant to board a Eurostar train to Spain via Paris. However, the son goes off the rails, feeling betrayed by Lucas – who he had trusted – and so goes running off through the station. He knew too much information. He had seen the photo (from the USB drive) showing the Foreign Secretary colluding with the Mi6 operative roughing up the UN rep. So as Lucas chases after the teenager, a bullet is fired (by the Mi6 agent, in the distance) and the teenager is shot dead. An unpleasant scene.

The emerging Sugar horse plot line is Harry (pictured) getting home after a hard day at work, putting Mozart’s Requiem on, opening the file to see just who the mole is (like he wouldn’t have looked at that at the office…) only to see his own name/face plastered throughout the file.

According to the file – he is the mole.

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