Review: Spooks (Episode 7 – Series 7 – BBC)

This is the penultimate episode of the series and it was certainly a good one.

It starts with Harry, who we know from the very end of the last episode has been set up as the double-agent. The file says it’s him.

He’s drinking whiskey and looking stressed. He knows they will be coming for him. Mozart plays in the background. He looks up and sees the light shade starting to shake.

He calls Lucas and tells him to look in his bedside drawer for a file and to seek out someone in Russia. Lucas finds the file. Harry tells him he’s about to be accused of being the double agent and that Lucas must get to Moscow to meet one of the last true Sugar horse double agents for the info.

Sure enough, suddenly the windows are smashed and what looks to be the SAS have stormed his apartment and he has a hood thrown over his face.

Next thing we know he has been taken in to custody by Mi5 and is in a maximum security cell – presumably at Thames House (hq of Mi5). Richard Dalby (his superior) questions him briefly saying they have all the evidence it’s him. He denies it. Dalby uses an interrogator who uses psychological interrogation (assisted by drugs) to try and get him to talk. The interrogator (who looks very sinister) goes on and on about betrayal etc.

Ros and the rest of section D are told that Harry is a traitor. They also have a listening post put into their office by internal security meaning all of their work and actions are monitored.

Lucas is now in Moscow and meets the Sugar horse operative who tells him to reach another contact in Moscow who has further information. He tells her to get to London as they will come for her. Not long after he leaves the woman’s apartment they come for her and shoot her dead.

Lucas ends up in a strip bar in a seedy Moscow street. Turns out the stripper is a Sugar horse operative. Whilst frolicking with him she warns him that there are FSB in their vicinity. She tells him the file he is after is downstairs, hidden in the kitchen in a drawer. She causes a distraction as he goes down to find it.

In London, Ben has gone downstairs to the paper archive to check some files on Sugar horse to see who had signed them out. It turns out that Hugo Prince (who Connie – pictured – had a relationship with) had signed out a large number of files at one point. He keeps digging to see what he can find.

Lucas locates the file which contains photographs and a microfilm. He opens the dossier and the information reveals that Connie is the true mole. After all that. He places an urgent call to London but can’t get through. He finally reaches Ben and tells him urgently that Connie is the mole. He then gets cut off as FSB arrive and a fight ensues.

In London, Connie has gone down to the paper file to ‘help’ Ben. She finds him in an agitated state. She offers to make them tea whilst he gets on with searching through files. As he tries to busy himself with files, she walks up behind him, takes out a long thin silvery file and then quickly slits his throat. He stumbles to the floor with blood gushing everywhere. He is dead.

She leaves the archive, locking the door.

Harry is going through psychological torture at the hands of the interrogator with bright lights etc. They’re trying to break him down. The Home Secretary has briefly visited and said that his betrayal will end very badly for him.

Harry says he is ready to admit guilt and the names of the full Sugar horse network in Russia (what they’re really after) if he can speak to Ros.

Ros sees him and he admits guilt. He says he did it as part of a Russian renaissance. She leaves him in something of a state of shock. She can’t quite believe he’s admitted it.

As she returns to her office, her mind replays the word renaissance and at last the penny drops. She asks Malcolm to find everything they have on ‘renaissance’. They find a closed down operation that is 20 years old in which Harry and Connie were in Moscow trying to turn agents. It suddenly becomes obvious that she is the true mole.

In the meantime, Harry has written down a load of names which represent the Sugar horse network of double agents. It now cuts to Connie on the balcony of the building speaking to Bernard Qualtrough in Moscow, giving him the names. Bernard tells her she will be welcomed with open arms by the motherland and she must make her escape, now.

As Connie packs to leave and escape the building, she is confronted by Ros and then surrounded by security. She admits guilt but says it’s too late, she has passed the names to Russia and all those named will be killed. Harry walks out from the shadows and tells her that all of those names are not the true double agents. So the people the Russians will kill are ordinary FSB, and not double agents. So she has been foiled.

She snarls at him and looks every bit like the killer she is. He asks her why she did it. She says she doesn’t need to explain her actions but that she did it because this country is a joke, acting as a fig leaf of democracy to the imperialism of America. Russia is the truly great nation, etc.

So that’s that! The Sugar horse plotline is finally unveiled, along with the real mole.

On Monday it’s the final episode.

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