D is for dentist

I had my dental appointment this morning. It wasn’t a check-up. It was to have my second (and final) wisdom tooth taken out.

D, my dentist, is very good. I’ve been lucky enough to have had him as my dentist for several years now.

On getting there and after a short wait, being seen, he said “hello there! What are you here for today, a check-up?” to which I said “errr no, having a wisdom tooth out as arranged when I booked the appointment.”

“Ah”, said he. “Well, you needn’t have it out today if you don’t want to. We can have a check-up and then make an appointment for the other side of Christmas if you’d prefer”.

“Definitely want it out today old stick!” says I. And so he did. After giving me a short examination and exclaiming “yes, I can see why you want it out – it’s further extruded since your last visit” he promptly got out the needle and anaesthetic and a few minutes later I’d had two injections at the back of my mouth in the upper jaw area.

I don’t like injections at the best of times but he’s very gentle (I’ve had a crush on him for years; same age, he’s good looking and has a rather wonderful bedside manner).

Anyway, your mouth is left feeling like it has something in it which is off-putting and makes you slightly nauseous. Off he popped to get his tools. Back he came with some awful pliers-type instrument.

“Sit as high up in the chair as you can old stick” says he, and so I obediently did. “Right. This won’t hurt, but it can be uncomfortable” as I remember from last time. I lie back and think how nice it would be to kiss him of England.

Next thing I know he’s using my head to counterbalance the force of pulling the tooth out. “It’s larger than usual” he said. Anyway, you don’t feel anything as such, but you have this disconnected feeling of something twisting in your mouth and you hear that creak as and then the cracking sound as the large molar is finally extracted from your jaw. Unpleasant.

He said it was a very smooth extraction and it must have been because there was virtually no blood, either at the time or since.

My mouth is still numb (it lasts about five hours) and I can’t really eat the rest of the day but that’s fine. Tomorrow and the next day I have to gargle with salt water (if that isn’t going to make me want to hurl I don’t know what will). Main thing is it’s over and no more wisdom teeth to worry about. The back of my mouth already feels much better with it gone as it had got quite cramped.

That was the sixth tooth I’ve had removed. I had four removed as a child before my braces were fitted, then two wisdom teeth.

He said (at the check-up stage) that my teeth are in really good nick which was also good to hear. I’m quite OCD about flossing every night so I guess that has paid off.

I’m working from home today (and inevitably, not getting much done). Am spending far too much time flirting making smalltalk with my handyman (it’s so nice having a man around the house) – but that is for another post I think (his stories of growing up in the USSR are fascinating, among other things).

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  1. Enrico – LOL, am I that transparent? 😛

    Each time I stop to make a cup of tea and ask P if he wants one (the handyman) we end up stopping and talking. We’ve just talked for an hour about his life growing up in the former USSR, how corrupt the university system was, how he wasn’t able to get to university, how he managed to get out and to the West, etc.

    I read a lot from the body language too, but much of that is beyond the scope of this blog.

  2. I like how this post is filed under “desperately seeking steven” as well as “health”. Frankly, I think you’re more concerned with one than you are the other 🙂

    My dentist is also wonderful. He always sings along with whatever is playing on the radio. I’ve only had one wisdom tooth removed so far. I should feel off-balanced, but I always feel off-balanced, so I guess I can’t feel a difference.

  3. Look, even the most charismatic of dentists wouldn’t make wisdom-tooth-removal bearable to me. I think you should get some kind of medal for bravery.

  4. Craig – Yup, I do have my priorities to think about! 😛

    Hen – agreed. ‘Nuff said.

    Daphne – it was all quite OK in the end, almost an anticlimax!

    14giants – ah, I have friends here who have had to go through that (under a general) and it does not sound like fun at all. At least you had them all sorted in one go, though.

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