An enjoyable evening with an ex-colleague (straight female). We met outside the Thistle Hotel at Charing Cross. I’d wanted to take her to Gordon’s – the oldest wine bar in London and an old favourite – but a seat couldn’t be had for love nor money.

So we left and looked for somewhere else. London is alive with revellers at this time of year so everywhere was packed.

We ended up at Retro Bar, a gay bar on a quiet street not far from Embankment (tube) and Charing X (overground). I’m not a big purveyor of the gay bar experience but it’s really chilled out and down to earth and we had a good evening catching up on the latest. I like the atmosphere of gay bars. Very non-threatening, blissfully devoid of the braying and quite ultra tedious ‘after work’ types (granted, I probably fall into that latter category, but even so). Just seems much more relaxed and mercifully free of the Waynes and Waynettas you inevitably find in the Weatherspoons, Pitcher & Pianos, All Bar Ones, Slug & Lettuces, etc.

The last time S saw me I was really in the doldrums telling her how singularly awful my job was. Which it was. Since then I’ve quit that job and started at the new place at which – six weeks in – I’m happy. So it’s all good.

Yesterday we had a departmental lunch here which was lovely (I had steak). Not cheap, though on the company so price hardly relevant. A two hour lunch followed by a two hour meeting (same team) made for an eventful afternoon!

I like this time of year in London.

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  1. I’ve been to Joe Allen’s a couple of times with varying results.
    I love some of the lights that are up in town this year. Good to see Oxford Street are reusing the same lights they had last year (and possibly the year before). Am totally in love with the ones on Regent Street – would happily take a set home to hang from my ceilings!

  2. What a perfectly lovely sounding evening! I need one of those badly!

    I adore hot wings which I noticed the restaurant you went to had. My very favorite place here for hot wings is Hooter’s. One just doesn’t know where to look! Jiggling body bits everywhere and the very best wings for my tastebuds.

  3. Vic – we were lucky, packed to the rafters and the food was good. The lights in Covent Garden are also stunning this year!

    Debby – not sure I’ve had hot wings before. Will have to try them next time, thanks for the tip!

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