Review: Wallander (Episode 3 – One Step Behind – BBC1)

A very absorbing final episode of Wallander, the dark Swedish crime thriller brought to a UK tv audience by the BBC. This episode seemed almost more grim than the other two so far screened as it seemed to have the most murders.

The storyline was deeply complex and mostly a mystery, right up until the end. Dead teenagers, a homosexual police detective who also gets killed, more murders, vivid scenes of the Swedish outback, Wallander himself looking like a zombie from so little sleep and illness. Surreal country-scapes, the dead bodies of children looking like broken dolls and to top it off – a psychopathic transvestite.

No point in me dissecting the plot line in depth suffice to say it’s a real shame that only three of these were made. To me it has far more appeal than any of the other police dramas we have on TV. Masses of originality, luscious cinematography, excessively dark and twisted story lines (as I’ve said before, it’s like a TV version of the film Seven).

I have never been a huge Branagh fan but I thought he was excellent in this.

Let’s hope they make some more. I may even read the books now too.

Overview of Wallander on the BBC

4 thoughts on “Review: Wallander (Episode 3 – One Step Behind – BBC1)

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  1. My brother Michael’s wife Deb’s sister Jacqueline did the design for this series.
    I didn’t see it, but I bet she did a good job.
    (Blimey! talk about name-dropping and bathing in reflected glory, really Daphne!)

  2. Have only just watched this final episode and the last few minutes were cut off!! Can anyone tell me what happened after Wallanger got back to his place to find his daughter there please? Oh, and I thought all 3 episodes were all excellent.

  3. Caroline – you missed the last 5 minutes eh???? That is bad luck. Hmm. Trying to remember what happened.


    He got home, only to find the transsexual serial killer holding his daughter hostage; she was bound and gagged and he had a gun to her head. I forget the rationale, he wanted Wallander to ‘never forget him’ or something like that.

    Anyway, Wallander pleaded with him to let her go, he wouldn’t. It looked like she was going to get shot. At the last minute, just as the killer is about to pull the trigger, a bullet whizzes by coming from Wallander’s young sidekick’s gun who had finally got to the house and crept in. The killer lay dying on the floor and Wallander and daughter had an emotional reunion.

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