How do you do!

Sorry, listening to Roxette, hence the blog title (I know Fatty will appreciate it).

A very long day at work. My job is going great – much better than I could ever have hoped – but it’s busy. I’ve been there seven weeks only but am now deeply embedded in a wide variety of projects and initiatives. People have been really inclusive and supportive and it absolutely feels like my kind of company with my kind of people. Work wise, I’m happy.

I’m still smarting from yesterday though am mostly over it. You move on from such things. I won’t let myself get put into that position again. One of the mutual friends emailed me today saying “were you ok last night? You didn’t seem yourself”. Well, I wasn’t.

Not much else. I cannot believe it’s 8 days until Christmas (a thank you to Lula for the stark reminder!!!). Really, I can’t. I’ve done no shopping, sent no cards and not put so much as one decoration up at home. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas it must be said. I don’t hate it I just don’t go crazy over it.

After a very long day at work I raced home (only just catching the train) and straight into a residents’ meeting. I say ‘straight in’, I did manage to neck a strong G&T before it started. I also demolished half a packet of M&S salted peanuts. As they taste delicious. Then followed a two hour meeting. The host provided mulled wine (which I enjoyed, though normally I’m not a fan) and then he opened a bottle of regular red wine which I also quite happily ploughed through.

I’m now back at mine and have just poured and am enjoying another G&T (yes, Craig would be proud, as another gin afficionado. And yes, it’s Tanqueray that I got duty free a while back).

Not a huge amount else new. Stupidly busy day at work. Hope tomorrow and Friday will be a bit quieter. Out with a colleague (middle aged Hong Kong lady, a really nice colleague) tomorrow after work for a glass of red. The company is terribly sociable like that; like one big family.

5 thoughts on “How do you do!

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  1. Fatty – hmm. I only have mp3 music of theirs these days as most of my CDs are boxed up somewhere. So I’m not sure what exactly I own. I do ❤ them though.

  2. “How Do You Do” is the title of a Natasha Bedingfield song! I love her. Shakira also has a “How Do You Do” song which is about questioning the existence of God. I love her too.

    And while I usually like Christmas, I’m kind of just not in the mood this year.

  3. Craig – I hate it when they only have Schweppes slimline tonic in. I prefer the full calorie stuff.

    Enrico – is it? Not a big follower of hers. Yup, definitely not in the mood for it this year either.

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