I now catch the train with my ex-neighbour every single morning. It’s great. His girlfriend is sometimes on our train some days too. We just get on really well. We talk about work, the area, places worth going to. Just really nice making new friends and meeting like-minded people.

The whole year they lived next door to me, I only knew the to say hello to and I never made much of an effort. I wasn’t aloof, it’s just I’ve done 6 years at my place and have been used to people coming and going. Plus, I’m a slow burn type of person. I don’t make friends instantly.

Now they live up the road in their own place, we’ve become friends. Is funny how things turn out.

As one door closes, another opens.

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  1. I am such a loner – I hate having to sit and talk with people on the train. As urbanvox well knows, I always take a book and read, even when I’m with him (although he usually does his best to annoy me out of reading!).

  2. Vic – I used to read on the train but most of my commute now means I don’t get a seat, but have to stand. It’s actually really nice having someone to talk to though I’m sure it pisses off the other commuters who prefer absolute silence (as I used to!) 😛

  3. I admire the patience of people who commute to work. Most days I work from home and so my commute involves going down the stairs. But on the days when I’m working in various hospitals etc I’m always horrified by how crowded the roads or trains are.

  4. Debby – you and me both!

    Daphne – I’ve been commuting for years now. It’s under an hour though so it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t like to commute by car though (unless the journey was short). I don’t mind public transport sometimes, you feel part of something bigger than yourself; is hard to describe. There is a certain energy in motion about it. When it’s packed and there are delays, however, that’s another story.

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