A Christmas Carol

I’ve milled around the flat doing Not Much today. My handyman is back over tomorrow which will be good.

I popped to the (local) shops to pick up some bits. Ham, olives, a French stick, an almond tart and a vegetable samosa. All such items are delicious and very different to their equivalent in the supermarket (I would never buy a samosa in a supermarket, for example).

I bought lovely Italian sausages for dinner tonight. Sheridan is coming over and I’m doing ‘posh bangers & mash’. I’ve told him I want to open champagne. “Why??” said he. “Well”, said I, “I’ve had two bottles sitting in the fridge for the best part of a year and they need to be consumed”. Work wise the year is ending well. The huge uncertainty around my job situation / career, which sullied much of this year – appears to have a happy ending. Bear in mind I’m on a contract until the end of April (at which point we’ll see if they offer me a permanent position). So it’s a case of not counting one’s chickens yet.

So I also went to the local supermarket to get stuff I couldn’t buy in the deli. Outside was a jovial Eastern European guy selling the Big Issue. To those of you not domiciled in the UK, the Big Issue is a magazine sold by people who don’t have a roof over their heads (I want to say tramp or hobo but that seems unkind). I’m not sure I’ve ever bought one. Which sounds awful. But I do give in other ways. Anyway this hobo had a Santa’s hat on and looked quite upbeat. I still felt sorry for him, though.

It’s times of the year like this when we need to be grateful for what we have. One thing I don’t like about Christmas is conspicuous consumption which is, well, excessively conspicuous at this time of year. I’m not Ebenezer Scrooge but I do believe in a certain amount of austerity. Blame my devout Methodist upbringing (seriously, I had chapel 4x a week for five very formative years of my life; some of it rubbed off it seems).

I also had a long conversation with my mother who is planning Christmas. Will be hard work, as it is every year. Too many relatives, Christmas day at her partner’s, a big family do on Boxing Day also, plus other people to see and so on. I cannot believe how fast Christmas has come round this year. Frightening.

My living room looks lovely, he did a great job. Next job is the hallway and kitchen (repaint) plus some oddjobs. But as P has started a new permanent role (unfortunately for me) his sidekick who did my electrics is going to do the next phase.

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