Day 365

Nope, this is not the number of days I’ve been in my new job.

This is, in fact, the number of days since I last had a cigarette. Well, it’s 365 days minus 6.5 hours, as I gave up at 11.59pm on 31/12/2007. And I haven’t had one single cigarette since. I even remember cutting the remaining cigarettes up that night.

I have had one cigar in the last year (but you don’t inhale those and it is absolutely not the same as cigarette smoking). I actually swiped one of my dad’s cigars from home and have it with me. I think I’ll take it to Sheridan’s tonight. I like the smell of cigars and like I said, one doesn’t inhale, it’s a special occasion thing.

Anyway, 365 days cigarette free! And yes, you most certainly can feel the difference when you do it.

I’m now off out and staying over so won’t be back until tomorrow sometime, have a lunch and a dinner, though tonight itself is quiet – cooking ahead of tomorrow, watching a movie (not that awful TV), and having a bit to drink.

Happy New Year – this is my last blog post of 2008!

PS And somewhat coincidentally, my google page rank went from zero (which it’s been for months) to 3. Odd how that happened today.

7 thoughts on “Day 365

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  1. Congrats on the cigs! I’m seriously considering it this evening. Hardly smoked the last few days due to sore throat/cough so fingers crossed.

    Happy New Year! x

  2. Happy New year M! I look forward to reading and corresponding in 2009 and I hope that it is a year full of happy surprises and wonder for you.

    Who know? Maybe I can have a 365 day anniversary too ( we can always hope).

  3. SCM – good luck with it!!

    Paul – oh, I didn’t picture you as a smoker! 😛 Good luck with it!

    Ryan – all the best for 2009 – and with your new blog!

    Vern – Happy New Year! I sure hope so too re: year of surprises! Hehe @ your anniversary! When I think of you smoking I miss it. I do have fond memories of it.

    Craig – thank you – and to you also!

    Lula – merci and Happy New Year!

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