A bleak mid-winter

A frozen Greenland Dock, in front of Canary Wharf (Source: DT)

Apparently today is the most stressful day of the year as people are disillusioned, depressed and generally fed up as they return to work post-Christmas (well, those that still have jobs to go to). This long, bleak, Dickensian winter is taking its toll. We woke up to snow, even this far south. There is so little light throughout the day, a weak, shallow sun that doesn’t rise very high in the sky. Everyone keeps saying this winter is colder than in recent years. The temperature hovering around zero during the day and dropping to -4c or so overnight.

I knew today would be tough as I had a major tender to work on with the company’s number two. This was always going to be a difficult day. The start didn’t bode well. I couldn’t get on to the train due to massive over-crowding. When I got the next train (which required a deviation to my standard route as it’s a different line) I transferred onto the tube, only to be faced with major delays due to signal failures higher up the line. Instead of getting to work around 8.45am, I arrived at 9.30am. Not a good start. And it meant I didn’t have time to buy coffee on my way in. I don’t perform well without caffeine.

Having said all that, the day wasn’t so bad in the end and the tender we put together was decent. He also said some very nice words at the end of the day, about how much I’d done since I’d joined two months ago and how positive an impact I’ve made. This left me with good feelings.

I left a little early to go shopping. Unfortunately it wasn’t a success. I hit Covent Garden where the shops are wonderful, Neal Street especially. I couldn’t find any shoes I wanted at Office. I also tried some of the other shops. I then lingered a long time in Superdry which is one of my absolute fave shops. They don’t have a sale on (“we don’t have sales”, the shop assistant told me). I came close to buying a to-die-for leather jacket but the £230 price tag got the better of me in the end and I didn’t succumb. It was close to perfect but not quite right; the pockets were a bit too high up the body for my liking. Whilst it’s not on their website, some of their other jackets are here. I do love the shop. I have one of their ordinary/cheaper jackets which I love and wear most days. Very fitted, high ruffled collar (one of their trademark features which I covet) which is great for keeping draughts at bay.

I’ve ached today. I went to the gym yesterday morning (early, I was heading into central London at 9am – on a Sunday!) and had an OK session. But I ache today as I’m out of kilter and it had been too long since last I went (a few weeks). I’ve not been keeping up enough of a routine – something I need to remedy.

Oh, the other real news of today was that my new work trousers were an unmitigated disaster. Think John Travolta meets David Brent. Far too tight; unseemly. Just totally crotch and upper leg hugging but slightly flared at the ankle. Really don’t know how I could have bought them. Turns out they’re boot cut too (great for jeans, not good for work trousers) so I felt really self-conscious all day. I think I now know what wearing a corset must be like; restricting. And there are no pictures as it’s too embarrassing and I wasn’t going to try and set the camera up when I got home; instead I quickly changed.

Oh, and any thought of a diet went out with the Cornish pastis I bought at the station and which I ate when I got home. Mmmmm! Was enjoyable. Comfort food; winter food. I’ve also eaten salt & pepper crisps, a handful of salted peanuts and I’m now eating jelly babies. But it’s OK, in this cold weather you need high energy food…

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  1. I can just picture you in those trousers, but because you mentioned John Travolta I keep picturing them white which is even funnier.

    My first day back was busy but good. I was looking forward to it, bizarrely (or not so if you know what else is going on in my life!).

    It’s -7 here tonight. We had snow today – wuhoo!

  2. First day is Ok. Loadsa work to deal with.

    Those pants: I really miss a photo. Then again… maybe a tad too revealing for my virginal eyes. LOL.

    Superdry is opening in Feb in Antwerp. Very curious.

  3. ROFL at the trousers. Love love love Superdry – was delighted to see they have a store here or I would have been straight back to Blighty on the next flight. Miss the cold – I knew if I left it would be a traditional winter. C’est la vie!

  4. RH – you would have laughed had you been there, I can assure you! 😛

    -7c! Ugh, that’s cold. Meant to be getting on for that even down here, tonight. Glad you had a good first day back at work!

    Lula – LOL! I don’t have pictures but I’ve found them on the *cough* Burton website and the pictures say it all, even on the website! Fashion faux pas, for sure.

    Sven – yeh, I recall you saying you liked it too. I ❤ all things Japanese. My other fave (and much cheaper) shop is Uniqlo which is kind of like Gap meets Hennes.

    Colleen – for 9 or so years in London I wore a suit every day and it was the easiest thing ever. In this new place I would look out of place wearing a suit so I can wear pretty much what I want – smart / casual / trendy. But this is proving much harder and I don’t really have the wardrobe for it!!

  5. salt & pepper crisps, salted peanuts and jelly babies? what happened to that cabbage you were tweeting about? 😉

    and the story about the pants? it sounds very david sedarian…..too funny.

  6. Trouser story made me laugh. The photo on the link makes them look a bit odd so it can’t have been a good day for you wearing them.
    Have another handful of peanuts and the day ill seem better. Possibly smellier too but that’s a risk you have to take.

  7. Right, who is computer savvy enough to get that Burton’s photo, make them black and tighter and photo shop dear Milo into them? Seeing as he ‘wouldn’t’ (or couldn’t bend down in them far enough to set up tripod) ..take a snap.

  8. David – I’m telling myself that as I skipped breakfast and only had rice and ratatouille for lunch, my dinner wasn’t tooo bad. Yup, all thoughts of cabbage soup have gone out the window, for now at least! PS I’m not sure who David Sedarian is 😐

    SCM – I could live on peanuts all day long. Yeh, the more I look at those trousers the more awful I think the purchase was.

    Paul – what you call pants, we would refer to us underpants/underwear, LOL!

    Craig – you sir, are cruel! 😛

    Mumof4 – ‘couldn’t’ is not far off the mark. It was those actual ones, in grey. Today I’m wearing jeans and feel SO much better. I don’t need to wear those kinds of half suit / office boy outfits any more I’ve decided. I did also buy a non-boot cut (but slim-fit) black pair which I might try later in the week. I promise I will take a pic of those as they should be less embarrassing.

  9. Vic – is probably a result of the credit crunch, Burton are trying to offload unused stock from sister company Dorothy Perkins. The more I look at them the more awful they look. One for the charity shop. Had I not been in such a rush yesterday morning I would have had time to change.

    Still thinking about the leather jacket from Superdry. I want to get to to Topman and Uniqlo this week if I can, too.

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