Incredible Hulk

A convivial evening out on the town with work. 10 of us out for drinks at our local, then 4 of us on to dinner at my favourite Chinese. My colleague over from New York paid for it all (fear not, it’ll be recharged to the company’s social budget).

A successful shopping excursion at midday, just a short meander out at lunchtime. I bought an Incredible Hulk t-shirt from FCUK and some shoes. The shoes are half smart/half trainer hybrids, the sort I’d wanted as I can wear them with semi-smart work trousers. £30 from Zara in the sale. The t-shirt was from FCUK and in the sale. I really liked the Batman ones too, but didn’t buy one in the end.

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  1. Mike – awww, you should have bought yourself one too. They had 3 or 4 different Batman ones .I liked the Joker (card) one in grey. Almost bought that. Will see if they reduce it again as January progresses. £20 is still a bit steep for a t-shirt. This Incredible Hulk one is really soft and fits really well.

  2. oooh. i ❤ those shoes! very smart looking. jackets and shoes are my (shopping) weakness.

    i probably have too many of both…oh well, c’est la vie, right?

  3. Derek – yup, you can never have too many jackets or shoes in my book! Both last a long time if you buy decent ones. I still wear shoes I bought 9 or so years ago. I still wear jeans I bought in Japan 11 years ago. And at an ex’s house the other weekend (he is now a good friend) I saw a J Crew pullover I’d bought in the US in 1995!!!! In fairness though, I don’t wear it any more, and haven’t in ages.

  4. Craig – talking of superhero t-shirts, I’ve just had a brainwave. Why don’t you create a Super Viagra one? I have no doubt whatsoever that people would buy them. I think you can do them at cafe press or whatever it’s called. Good idea?

  5. Craig – those t-shirts are fab!!! Mate, they’re not being sold because people don’t know about them! I’ve visited your blog for what seems like forever and I didn’t know about them! You need a button or something on your website that will drive traffic there. They’re such cool characters you came up with. You could also add a signature to your gmail.

  6. Glad you guys like them! I will try and be more diligent about promoting them.

    Mike: Add me to your blogroll before I come over there and lay the smack down. 🙂

  7. Ryan – they’ll need wearing in. Gave me a lot of gyp the first day I wore them. Am back to my brown trainers now (the last pair I bought, you may recall). Yeh, I hardly ever go to Zara. This might be the first thing I’ve bought from them I think.

    Craig – is that the 2-colour one? If so I almost bought that as it’s quite heavily reduced. The ones I really wanted were full price and as I have sooo many t-shirts, like most people, I didn’t bother.

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