The Reader

I saw The Reader at the cinema this afternoon. A deep, powerful, poignant film that I’ll think about for some time. Set just after WWII. A teenager falls in love with a much older woman whose past catches up with her. Their relationship becomes an odyssey that spans generations.

It was quite long. Quite slow moving in places. But powerful. Deep. Nuanced. Thought provoking. Kate Winslet was extremely good. She really is a star actress in my book.

I’ve long wanted to read the (translated) book by Bernhard Schlink. I’d always heard it was a very good book, I just never got round to reading it. Soon I will.

5 thoughts on “The Reader

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  1. I saw it this week too and really loved it. And I have the book here waiting to be read too. I quite like Kate Winslet. You are right – it makes you think afterwards –

  2. KATE! My favorite actress ever. Now that I’m back to America I have to rush out and see that movie ASAP. I came home last night around midnight and got a text about her Golden Globe wins and I was so thrilled. LOVE HER.

  3. Birdy – I thought you’d like it! The fact I’m still thinking about it confirms to me that it was v.good.

    RH – you should, you’d like it!

    Paul – welcome! Enjoy the movie!

    Enrico – ah, I remember you’re a Kate fan! You must watch it in that case! 😛

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