Being Human (BBC)

Apparently this piloted in early 2008 and a full series starts soon on BBC3. Any one see the pilot? I missed it.

It sounds like a This Life (remember that, I loved it!) set in a house-share in Bristol. Of the three sharers, one is a vampire, one a werewolf and one a ghost.

This may not work if you’re outside the UK.

Looks like it could be worth watching.

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  1. I saw the pilot and thought it was very funny. I also had that awful habit of shouting “I know that place” or “we were there yesterday” or “I use that toilet every day!” (true story) because, you know, Bristol and all. Something else to get BitTorrenting!

  2. Casualty, Mistresses, you name it. I was an extra in Casualty once, and it was filmed in my office on a different occasion. I came back from a week away in September to find Christmas trees up and snow on the ground. Most odd.

  3. looks good. hopefully it will show up on BBC America or iTunes soon—by soon i mean in this decade. although “Skins” (also set in Bristol) showed up pretty quickly so there’s hope!

  4. You so wrote this for me! As per, I can’t check out the trailers or anything while I’m at work, but I defintely can’t wait to see this one!

  5. Sven – trust you to have seen it! Funny eh? Is it a comedy? I’d assumed it was drama a la This Life? Am I wrong? Not sure a comedic version is up my street!

    RH – me neither until I caught the trailer.

    Derek – I’ve heard of Skins though never watched it.

    Vic – I didn’t think about referencing you in the blog. Guess I should have done! I certainly thought of you when I wrote it!

  6. No, it’s definitely a comedy, although it does have a dramatic potential with an underground vampire network (the vampire’s human girlfriend became a vampire herself when she was seduced by the dark side) and the nature of the afterlife, which was described by both ghost and vampire with some pretty chilling concepts.

    Overall though, definitely comedy. It’s BBC3 for heavens’ sake!

  7. Sven – ah, I guess I should have twigged it being BBC3 that it would be comedy. I’ll check it out when it begins and see what I think. I don’t watch much comedy. I miss the olden days. Gimme Gimme Gimme was my favourite BBC comedy ever.

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