Retail therapy

So I’ve done shopping this week. Bought a Batman t-shirt earlier in the week from FCUK and today I bought 2x cashmere jumpers, 1x sweatop from Uniqlo, then 1x jacket and 6 pairs of underwear from H&M.

This is the Batman themed t-shirt. It isn’t the one I’d first bought. I first bought a dark blue one with Batman on the front. They only had small left and I thought that would be fine. On getting home and putting it on – I soon realised I’m not a small! They had very little superhero stuff left so I exchanged it for this Joker one.

From Uniqlo I bought two lovely cashmere jumpers (pullovers to those in the US) that were £30 down from £60. I’ve never bought cashmere clothes before and they are incredibly soft, quite unlike wool. Their small fits me like a glove; the perfect fit. I bought a cherry red and a dusky grey.

Those white chinos were bought in Uniqlo last summer, as was the pink & white striped shirt.

I also bought a parka (as they call it) with hood. Lovely and soft; wearing it now. I like this type of very casual clothing. The grey cords I have on I wore at work today; they’re old.

I then went to H&M, where I haven’t been in ages, and ended up buying a very casual jacket (almost army-like). Very warm with nice big hood that you can’t quite see. I don’t really need new jackets but I liked it.

I also bought underwear as you can never have too much.

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  1. nicely done! I’ve been looking for an army-style “field jacket” — yours is pretty close to what I have in mind.

    curse you and your mediums! I could wear a medium if it wasn’t for my shoulders. My shoulders are broad (a large), but the rest of my torso is a medium. becomes annoying after a while.

  2. Ryan – you have a manly build, don’t knock it! My suit jacket size (which I thin is the chest measurement) is 38″, the second smallest size! And I’m 6ft tall! So not ideal.

    SCM – thanks!

    Sven – yeh, is great isn’t it? This is the first time I’ve bought underwear from H&M so we’ll see what it’s like.

    Debb – isn’t it!!

    Enrico – H&M can’t go wrong! You spell it gray, we say grey.

    Mike – oh that’s a shame. The worst underwear I bought in recent years was from BHS. Really crappy. I also don’t like Next as they’re just not comfortable. The best I’ve bought is from Lonsdale (part of Lillywhites) which are really comfortable, don’t lose their shape, etc. If these H&M don’t work out I’ll be going back to H&M. I also have some Debenhams underwear that’s pretty good. For the record, I don’t waste money on all this designer underwear malarkey, Aussiebum, etc.

  3. Craig – LOL, well there was that old Speedos pic I took, remember?
    Oh, would be great to have a flat-mate with same size in clothes! Never had that before 😦
    Yeh, I thought you’d like the sweater as I know you’re a fan of v-necks too.

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