A room of one’s own

Forgot to post this from a while back. The ‘living quarters’. Bijoux is how I’d describe it.

My guy did a really good job of the built-in alcove shelving and cupboards. I still have the top shelves to fill.

Do you have a similar taste in books?

PS Ignore the anti-freeze on the table, and also the picture above the fireplace which the handyman put up in error. Sheridan gave it to me years ago (for the frame), he’d picked it up at a work furniture clear out or something. And yes, I need to sort new blinds out for the window!!

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  1. I spotted at least ten books, that grace my own cabinets, Theroux, Monica Ali (Brick Road, right?), Khaled Hosseini, Jamie Oliver, (I cannot even begin to tell you many war books we have thanks to my SO who is a war freak – with a grandfather who was a pilot in WWII), Rushdie, Tartt (I wish she wouldn’t take ten years to write a book), Fry, Forster, etc.

    Is that a photo of Penn Station?

  2. PS – without wanting to be indiscreet, was it expensive to have the shelving put in? I can put up a video of our situation, so you can see why I’m asking.

  3. Those books on photography look interesting! I’ve got quite a few of the same books as you – – and someone gave me A Thousand Splendid Suns – you’ve reminded me – I’ll read it next! Thank you – enjoyed the video.

  4. The shelving looks good. I wish my room was a suitable shape to be able to do it in here.
    I have some of your books – cookery, Stephen Fry, Eats etc, card games, thesaurus, language dictionaries (Portuguese). The Khalid Hosseini is on my list. I read allsorts really. Currently reading Our Kid by Billy Hopkins. He was born 4 years before my Dad and grew up just a few miles away.

  5. Sven – yeh, would be good wouldn’t it?

    Debby – they’re quite high up, over 6ft (as the ceiling is quite high) so I’m going to get some of those storage box things (the decent looking ones, from Ikea) and use for longer term storage. Jamie Oliver is reliable to turn to always I think.

    Enrico – funnily enough I didn’t like Eats Shoots & Leaves, I found her soooo snooty and patronising but I guess she’s being all sarccy and ironic. A Thousand Splendid Suns is an absolute tour-de-force.

    Lula – good taste you have! 😛 It was about £1100 all in (if I remember correctly) but that was for re-wiring of the living room, re-plastering and repainting and all parts and labour for the work. He’s a carpenter by trade and v.good.

    Daphne – some of them I’ve yet to read. I’m more tempted to do what Ryan does and buy actual collations of photographers’ works, for inspiration, rather than all these technique books. As per my comment to Enrico, the book is unforgettable.

    SCM – huge fan of Stephen Fry! I’m actually in a lull with reading at the moment. My commute makes it much harder as I don’t get a seat going in these days.

    Craig – did you hear Sven’s voice-over? He did a great one. I don’t think I’ve heard yours yet either! 😛

  6. Craig – loved the vid!! No idea how I missed you posting that?!?! Lots of laugh out loud moments for me watching it, especially the smurf bit and also the exclamation ‘point’ bit, hehehehe! V.well done! Enjoying the conversational voice and tone, too!

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