In love with cashmere

I’m just back from a jaunt up Oxford Street to Uniqlo’s flagship London store. Though huge, they had virtually no v-neck cashmere jumpers (sweaters to those of you in North America who have a fondness for deviating from the Queen’s English… ;)). So I hopped back onto the Bakerloo line and got off at Piccadilly Circus, going to the store on (Lower) Regent Street. They didn’t have a lot of stock left. I ended up buying three shades of green – petrol (that very dark blue/green combination), light moss green, and dark forest green.

I was adamant the one thing I needed to buy in the sales was knitwear. Wearing ‘business casual’ is harder than it sounds. Whilst I’m wearing jeans today (slim fit) and trendy trainers (‘sneakers’ to those of you in the New World) – that were bought in Rome last June – it’s the upper body that I struggle with. I have lovely shirts from my 8 or so years in upper-end corporates. They were mostly procured from Thomas Pink, TM Lewin and Jaeger (and almost always in the sale, I should add!). The dearly beloved with long memories will remember many of my shopping excursions and purchases over the years (and over the last 3 blogs).

I wear £25 jeans (also from Uniqlo; noticing a pattern?). I’m not one of these types that blows £85 on Diesel jeans. I could, but I don’t see the point. First and foremost I buy quality. I don’t really care about the brand and I am not, nor ever will be, a label slave.

These Uniqlo jumpers are just wonderful. Small fits me like an absolute glove; made for my body. And at £30 (down from £60), they are good value. At John Lewis the same thing costs £99 down from £146 and they look a bit dowdy.

So I think I’m about done for new stuff this January. In summary I think I’ve bought:

  • a jacket
  • a pair of shoes
  • 5 cashmere jumpers
  • 1 incredible hulk t-shirt
  • 1 joker t-shirt
  • 6 pairs of underwear
  • 1 hooded sweat top

Did y’all buy anything in the sale?

8 thoughts on “In love with cashmere

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  1. I don’t think there is a Uniqlo anywhere around. Are there are in the US in general?

    I don’t often buy clothes. I’ve been the same size forever. 28 waist jeans and S t-shirts. I fit in all my old clothes (that I still like) so I don’t need new clothes.

  2. Enrico – I don’t think it’s in the US. It’s like a Japanese Gap. And it rules! Wow @ 28″ waist! I buy 32″ but wear a belt. My actual waist is probably 31″. I don’t buy masses of clothes but I go through phases.

    Derek – haven’t seen those yet. I’ll look out for them 😛

  3. @Enrico: Uniqlo is available in the US. See website. I think that you can even buy online although not everything is actually online.

    @Milo: I’m storming Uniqlo next time I’m in the UK. As for the sales: besides the trainers, not much else bought except a few evening dresses from Monsoon, a robe and clothes for the munchkin. She loves Oilily but I just can’t bring myself to fork out 70-90 GBP for a skirt for a 4-year old, which she can only wear for 6 months.

  4. Can you believe I haven’t actually bought anything in the sale this year. Unconvincingly trying to repeat the mantra ‘must not spend money’.

  5. SCM – I also like a bargain!

    Lula – ah, thanks for clarifying re: US. Yeh, Uniqlo is a good place to do mass buying from!

    Vic – good mantra to not spend money. Only spend if you really need to buy something, rather than for the sake of it. Is a good motto to stick by and I usually do.

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