Fail blog?

I started a tumblr blog a month or so ago. I quite enjoy it but it has a very low readership. Would society regard it as a fail blog?

I began using tumblr when my old friend Ryan moved from his self-hosted ‘normal’ blog, onto tumblr. I like his blog as it is arty, eccentric and somewhat irreverent (like its author then).

But I’m wondering if it’s sensible for me to maintain two blogs. I’ve labelled it a ‘scrapbook’ but it’s basically a comment-less blog which gets very low traffic.

Thoughts? And yes, you can be candid. What ought I to be doing more of? Merge the two and stay here? Indifference? Don’t care? More pictures? Less pictures? More vignettes? Longer entries? Shorter? London life? Or is it all rather banal, tedious and pointless anyway? Rest assured this blog will be scuttled at some point – like the three that went before it – but not yet… My staying power thus far has been about nine months on any one blog, if memory serves.

And I do like Ryan’s ‘apparently‘ posts so I plan to do more of those. I may even copy the name as it seems so apt, but I’ll feel like an awful copycat. I do like short blog posts, though.

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  1. I for one love tumblr blogs. Ryan has been doing an excellent job with his and I’m loving it (with exception to the no commenting). I didn’t know you had a tumblr until you mentioned it offhandedly a few posts back. I rather enjoy it also, but don’t know how I feel about one person having two blogs. Is there a way to merge the two? If you definitely plan on scuttling this one, then I would suggest opening up the tumblr for comments and making it a tad more bloggy and personal. I’d hate to lose your more personal stories and pictures.

  2. I like the idea of one blog, merging both. I love the vignettes, etc. I have a similar problem. Some days I just can’t be bothered to write a post, or maybe I’m too tired. Just posting a photo or a very short ‘sound’ bite is so much easier.

    Sort of at a crossroads blogwise myself.

  3. On looking back through my archives I’ve noticed that my posts have become longer, but less frequent since I’ve been on twitter. I used to post small things on my blog that now get reduced to 140 characters and shoved on twitter.
    I know I’ve signed up to the whole tumblr thing, but it seems bit too much like harword to maintain both the blog and the tumblr.

  4. Craig – agree with you re: Ryan’s blog, is good isn’t it? I was originally angry that he wouldn’t allow comments. But I came full circle in the end and actually now think it has something about it that suits no comments. He’s not bad on email so that’s something πŸ™‚ I think I agree with you re: one blog.

    Lula – one blog seems to be the way to go. If so it will be this one rather than the tumblr one, I think.

    Redhead – thanks, I’d be the same on others’ blogs. I like being able to comment. x

    Vic – your tumblr is actually rather special as it has captured all of your twitter entries so it’s like a standalone twitter blog which is quite cool. In my case, I think convergence to one blog is the way to go….

  5. Given the length of most of my rambling posts, I’m ever so ‘umble that you read mine at all.

    As for your question, I can see a use for multiple blogs but personally, I’ve enough on just writing on one !

    I’m not interesting enough to have more (who said one ?).

  6. Vic – actually you don’t really blog or tweet much these days. What happened?? Are you writing still (presuming you are)? Quieter in the blogosphere without you (and Hen). We want you back!

  7. That’s a very good point actually – I’d noticed it too. I guess you could say I’m lacking inspiration right now. I’ll be back in the end though, don’t worry.

  8. I don’t know what a tumbir blog is, but I like that blog. I like the quick posts and the amount of pics (seeing my own blog, you see I support lots of pics).
    And anything that says “Kate Winslet is the clear favourite at this year’s Oscars” is amazing in my book!

  9. Enrico – tumblr blogs are great and I’ve genuinely really liked it. But have come to the decision I can’t easily keep 2 blogs going. I’m consolidating on here for now. If/when I scuttle this one, I might move to tumblr. LOL at the Kate comment! πŸ˜›

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