Frost Nixon

I saw Frost/Nixon at the cinema this afternoon. Very good film. Extremely good acting from Michael Sheen (as David Frost) and Frank Langella (as Richard Nixon).

Michael Sheen has been in a number of films which I’ve really liked, not least of which was Fantabulosa where he brilliantly portrayed Kenneth Williams.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Frost/Nixon – I recommend it. I want to see Milk next.

6 thoughts on “Frost Nixon

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  1. I saw Milk – very very good. Going to see either Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road or Benjamin Button tonight.. Now going to look up that KW film – was it on tv or at movies?

  2. I once met Richard Nixon at the theatre. We weren’t sure who he was but loads of people were going up to him, so I got his autograph then walked off while he was still talking to me.

    A week later he was dead.

    It wasn’t anything to do with me though.

  3. Red – wow, that is a claim to fame!!!

    Sven – wasn’t it just! Yup, really want to see Milk! You have always worn your heart on your sleeve I think, a good trait!

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