A prosecco evening

A very  busy day at work, at times it feels overwhelming I seem to have so much on.

An enjoyable evening out on the town at my favourite wine bar (yes, that wine bar) with a female colleague – C – of whom I’m fond. A couple of years younger than me and also single, we became good friends early on.

So I took her to my fave wine bar, the one with the v.dishy waiter, in a very upmarket, central/residential part of London. This wine bar reeks of sloane rangers and old money, very classy – an All Bar One it most certainly is not. Lovely venue, lovely staff, highly eclectic clientèle. We finally get a table. Extremely well-heeled American (residents) at the next table, drinking champagne; they’re probably bankers. There is a fairly large American expatriate population in the city and they tend to have very good high paying jobs and live in the most expensive areas. This is in contrast to the huge numbers of Australians, Kiwis and South Africans who do ‘normal’ jobs like myself; the Americans here have always been rich, Wall Street types (due to London’s huge financial services sector).

I love the wine bar as it reflects London’s absolute cosmopolitan nature – perhaps more so than any other city in the world.

I haven’t seen the waiter in two months. We’d flirted, somewhat, when last we met. He says hi but that’s about it. I feel momentarily deflated. C asks me, as an aside, if I’m sure this guy is gay. I say no, I don’t know if he is or not, but that we got on very well when last I was here, with another female friend.

A bit later I’m at the bar ordering more drinks and this time we talk and chew the cud. C watches from the sidelines; analysing. She says later that he was much more flirty this time and I felt, something. We talked for a while and I could sense myself flirting.

C asked me later how I feel about him; is he my type? I don’t know. We both agree he’s beautiful but feel there is something ‘Tim nice but dim’, possibly, about him. This means he may be less my type.

He pours me another glass of divine prosecco (have I mentioned that it’s one of my most favourite drinks?) and tells me to take a sip. At first I didn’t quite get what he meant (we were ordering by the glass as C is only on one drink tonight) – and I thought he was asking me to see if it was fizzy. It turns out, however, that he was wanting to give me more than a glass – i.e. take a large slurp and I’ll refill your glass – which he then did, though it overflowed slightly. He got a cloth and wiped the table and my fingers; is it wrong to feel momentarily electrified? Possibly.

An enjoyable evening, C is hooked and we’re planning our return trip already.

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  1. This is like a romance novel. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Good luck.

    Not sure about Canadians but all the ones I know over there have the same job I do, “normal” and not the salaries to regularly buy champagne in wine bars with smexy waiters. Maybe a beer at the corner pub with the waitress wearing an eye-patch. I’ve never had Proseco, seems my liquor experience is lacking.

  2. Paul – thanks, it was an enjoyable evening after what’s proved to be a very long week (which isn’t over yet!!)

    Mrs NM – LOL, only if you’re on your best behaviour! 😛

    Tam – yeh, Canadians I know here (we have in our office) are quite normal, too. You should try prosecco, it’s just Italian sparkling wine and tastes much better than champagne (and is usually cheaper).

    Craig – most evenings are home-alone, invariably drinking alone. This was a nice change 🙂 Tonight I’m going to the gym (even though we have free company drinks once a month, which is tonight; but I can’t be bothered with them today, plus I need a break from alcohol).

    Lula – yeh, the drinking was up your street! Food good too – lovely chunky home-made chips with mayonnaise, then roasted garlic with pita bread.

  3. So is proseco like kava, the Spanish sparkling wine? I’ll be getting a ton of that in a week or so. Considering I don’t like wine really I thought it was pretty good.

  4. Tam – yeh, it is like that. I think it’s nicer than cava, hard to describe. Is very clear (less yellow) and has a very mellow taste <3.

    Vic – too true! Plus I’m too shy for my own good in those settings. Plus the signals aren’t really strong enough (well, they were last time – because we talked about the theatre, now I recall it). He’d made the “I’d love to go to the Sound of Music” comment. Ack. I’ll need to go back there v.soon.

  5. SCM – ohh I’m jealous! I am totally out of booze here. Well, I have some Guinness in the fridge but other than that (and a bottle of pastis, but it’s more of a summer drink) I have nothing. No wine or gin. I love Guinness but can’t drink it every night. Enjoy the prosecco and let us know what it’s like!

  6. SCM – oh good, pleased to hear that! Buying my ‘haul’ at Sainsbury’s at the weekend, I was disappointed to find they had no prosecco (had been on offer; a third off). Totally sold out. Grrrrrrrr.

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