Lovely day for a Guinness

Remains one of my most favourite of all drinks. Such a lovely taste. Has just celebrated its 250th anniversary. Am drinking it as I type this…

9 thoughts on “Lovely day for a Guinness

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  1. you’re on a deserted island. you get to only choose one: prosecco or guinness.


    bonus question: what 2 books would you take?


  2. Derek – ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is cruel! 😀 Probably Guinness as it’s less fizzy and it’s full if iron so is kind of ‘good for you’. Bookwise that’s tough as I’m going through a hiatus at the moment. Probably Magician by Raymond E Feist (as it’s long and it sucked me in like nothing else) which I haven’t read since I was 14 (I bought a second hand copy on ebay years ago but have still not read it) and maybe an opus of J G Ballard as he’s (generally speaking) my favourite author.

    How about yourself (and any other people who read this post)?

  3. Love Guinness (it’s in the blood and all) but I’ve always been horrified by the ‘1,000 calories a pint’ story that I’m sure isn’t true but stops me buying it just in case. Except when I’m in Ireland, and then I drink it like it’s going to run out tomorrow.

  4. SCM – it’s a bit of an acquired taste as it tastes so different to standard beer/lager, in my opinion.

    Enrico – I do like that, but only for breakfast!

    Craig – you like it too? You kept that quiet! With your Irish roots, I expect you are a fan!

    Sven – hmm, I thought that myself for quite a while. The last time I researched it online it said it was like 250 or something. I think.

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