This morning I went to the barbers. He did a good job. I told him I wanted to grow it and thus have it tidied in the meantime. He made the comment that it was very thick and had not been thinned out in a long time; true, as his colleague never seems to do that. So out come the zigzag scissors which seem to take masses off. Pleased with it overall.

This afternoon we had a failed attempt to go to the cinema. To our complete surprise, Slumdog Millionaire was sold out at the cinema we’d gone to. Odd seeing as it must be close to the end of its run and 2.45pm on a Saturday is hardly peak time.

So we did a food shop at Sainsbury’s, then on to the antiques warehouse that long-term readers of this blog (in its prior incarnations) will remember is where I bought that beautiful Victorian mahogany chest of drawers from. Didn’t buy anything on this occasion but enjoyed looking around.


Click for full size.

At Sainsbury’s I somehow ended up spending £75 on food shopping which is more than I’d anticipated. The worrying thing is that there was very little food indeed. Almost all of that went on booze and toiletries. The booze haul included:

  • 4 bottles of wine (in fairness most of those were on offer)
  • 1 bottle of gin (I’m trying a new brand as I usually buy Tanqueray duty-free and cannot bring myself to pay the premium high street price of it)
  • 8 cans of Guinness (4 draught, 4 original)
  • 16 small cans of Schweppes tonic water (4 for £1)
  • A big bag of ice.

The toiletry haul included:

  • 3x L’Oreal Men Expert Vitalift (because I’m worth it, obviously) which is not cheap but was on ‘3 for 2’
  • 2x Head & Shoulders for Men (has to be the ‘for men’ one) which was 2 for a fiver (good value as it’s usually £3.50 or so). I’ve been using this shampoo for donkeys years and it’s the best in my book
  • toothpaste.

The food haul included crumpets, peanut butter, some sesame snacks, Hula Hoops (crisps). And that’s about it…

Sheridan looked on with disdain as my stuff went through check-out. His part of the trolley was full of fruit, vegetables, meat, cheeses, bread, juice, pro-biotic yoghurts, etc. The only alcoholic thing he bought was a bottle of sherry.

15 thoughts on “Priorities

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  1. you may go hungry but you’ll be very clean. Plus you have the snazzy work cantine for real food…..
    Amazed Slumdog Millionaire was sold out… Oscar hype maybe? Although I hear it advertised on Absolute radio all the bloody time…

  2. booze and toiletries. that’s all one needs in life.

    also, I’ve been using H&S as shampoo forever too. Boy, I tell you: Roxette, H&S, alcohol… you’re like my clone.

  3. Colleen – thing is, I only do a supermarket shop about once every 6 weeks or so. So I’m stocking up! 😛

    Birdie – yeh, I have main meal at lunchtime and I buy food throughout the week from M&S. Yup, I reckon it’s Oscar hype too.

    Lula – I’ll stick to this product so it’s worth doing on something like that. Yeh, the offers at M&S are crazy, it’s like 4 for 3 which I never do.

    Ryan – you have good taste!

    Sven – wow! Really good to have a break from it though. I drink ‘little and often’ rather than sporadically and heavily. Is still probably too much, but I exercise, run, go to the gym, don’t smoke, etc, so don’t feel I can be too bad. And in the hot summer you’re having I expect you go off booze anyway.

  4. RH – the brand is called ‘Whole Earth’ and it’s really nice. Seems very common down here and tastes better than Sunpat and has no added sugar.

    Enrico – hopefully soon!

    SCM – won’t be drunk all at once 😛

  5. Don’t listen to Enrico. He’s vehemently against drinking. Looks like a delicious shopping list. I use Head and Shoulders as well, but I’m not sure we have a “For Men” version over here. And now I want a Guinness.

  6. Craig – oh I hadn’t realised that. Part of the temperance movement eh? He can be converted! When we meet I’ll give you a ‘for men’ version of H&S. I just need that transfer to the NYC office now! 🙂

  7. Craig – LOL! You are what society would call ‘high maintenance’ 😀

    I should add that I use H&S conditioner every day, too. ❤ H&S, odd though that sounds.

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