Vignettes – 25/02/09

I did pilates again this evening. Either I’m getting better or the instructor wasn’t pushing us quite so hard. Not sure which it was.

Anyway. I mentioned once before that there is a colleague who goes each week (middle aged lady, quite portly, very nice) and she sometimes makes piggy noises and little snorts when doing the moves. I don’t blame her as I tend to sigh loudly (a lot of pilates is about how you breathe anyway).

Today, we did the backward roll thing. You lie on your back on the mat. You lift your legs up like an upside down bike, hold your legs – breath in – and then as you breath out – you allow yourself to roll back. Anyway, as my colleague rolled back today, a raspberry escaped. Not ‘loud’, but quite audible. In fairness it could have happened to any of us. Suddenly I felt my eyes watering as I struggled desperately not to go to pieces laughing. I’m upside down myself doing these roll backs and I’m kind of shaking because I’m desperately trying to stop myself laughing; I’m really struggling.

At 32 I should know better. Other colleagues plodded on stoically with typical British reserve. A Spanish colleague was bright red in the face and I’m fairly sure that this was because she too was desperately trying not to laugh.

I think I’m just immature.

Anyway, the trouble with a lot of these pilates exercises is that you’re flat on your back with your legs in the air and if you’ve had beans for lunch – woe betide anyone in the vicinity.

In other news, the gym was cancelled as the muppets had run out of fresh towels.

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  1. Not immature at all, Milo. I’d have been in stitches with you.

    People ‘tooting’ like that always remind me of the classic lift/elevator scene in Revenge Of The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers dressed like The Godfather with impossibly wide shoulder pads.

    The out-take is even better at 3mins into this clip.

  2. I would have cried with laughter, and would still be doing it now. That said, I have my first yoga class next Thursday – I’m petrified that it’s going to happen to me.

  3. I would have had to leave the premises as I would have erupted in a fit of silly giggles that would take at least another hour to subside, as I looked at you, and then would start laughing again… and again, until I would have to wipe the tears off my face.
    And I’m not joking: SO and I have found ourselves in this situation in the theatre once and had to eventually leave, shaking with mirth.
    So: immature? Maybe. But had a good laugh, and laughter is good for you!

  4. Lula, you sound just like me – I don’t think I’d have been able to exercise the appropriate measure of self control.
    And what sort of a gym runs out of towels anyway?

  5. SB – thanks for the clip! 😛

    SCM – glad I’m not the only one!

    Sven – hope it goes well. If it’s anything like pilates (which I believe it is!) you should find it good.

    Craig – glad you had a laugh!

    Enrico – seems like we’re all doing yoga or pilates these days!

    Lula – LOL! I’ve been like that too. I still get it. I’ve had it in meetings, even as recently as yesterday. Highly inappropriate (tense at times 8 or so people) and yet I kept wanting to burst out laughing…

    Vic – yeh, the towel issue really pissed me off.

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