Crash boom bang

Has been a long, hard – some might say sh*tty week. Only ‘cos it’s been so long. I’m going to have to do some work this weekend too (from home).

I’ll blog more about work when I’m less tired.

Anyway. I got home late again last night (haven’t been home before 8pm any day this week I don’t think). Poured some wine (yeh, just about the first thing I did. It’s called priorities!) Sat down in front of the TV. The Margaret Thatcher drama (which I’d wanted to watch) was beginning on TV.

I fell asleep in about 15 mins. Netbook on lap. Felt grotty when I woke up almost 2 hours later. Had hardly touched the wine. Had missed it all on TV.

Stood up and picked up the glass to take it to the kitchen. The damn thing dropped out of my hand and the glass (cheap, really short-stemmed type) bounced off my laminate floor – still full of wine, into the air – and didn’t break. Red wine flying absolutely everywhere. All over the white sofa and the foot rest (also white). Also over the netbook. I was too tired to do much other than get some kitchen roll and mop up what I could. I did not have the energy to start cleaning the covers.

So tomorrow will be spent cleaning those. Sofas 6+ years old (Ikea) so I don’t really care whether the stain comes out or how much bleach I might have to use. When I finally move out of this place – which I hope is soon – I’ll leave the sofas or ditch them anyway. Had enough of them.

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  1. Sorry about the accident! But what is this silly business about moving out? You just had all that fantastic work done!

    Had some late nights here too. But really happy with the work I’ve done, which eases the pain.

  2. Aaagh, red wine is a bitch. A few months ago I managed to turn a glass upside down in my hand, then the right way up again, in just under 2 seconds. That was the end of that white rug, and Liccy’s Primark top. The Parker Knoll survived at the cost of my H&M cords. Such is life.

  3. Yikes!
    I know what you mean about a busy week. We have ongoing IT problems due to a virus so I’ve been doing some early starts and late finishes as the puters seem to work better when not many logged in. Huge learning curve with ‘incredibly complex cases’ as my boss put it. She’s an angel. Weds and Thursday nights I really struggled to sleep as thinking about work. Last night I fell asleep on the sofa at 10pmand managed to wake up enough to drag myself upstairs at 1am.

    1. Sven – bugger isn’t it?? Everything I drink seems to stain – red wine, Guinness, coffee. I suppose G&Ts don’t. That said, it’s rare for me to drop glasses (thankfully).

      SCM – Ugh, sounds like we’re in similar boats!

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