Book thief

Or perhaps not a thief, as I ordered and paid for them through Amazon. They arrived today.

I haven’t read a book since my Egypt holiday last autumn. I just couldn’t get into the book I was reading (The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst; a shame as I had absolutely loved The Line of Beauty and quite enjoyed The Swimming Pool Library).

Today’s book haul included:

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (which is the one I’ve started).

The Reader by Bernard Schlink.

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates.

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.

The Drowned World by JG Ballard.

The Crystal World by JG Ballard.

Ballard has been one of my most favourite authors for a very long time. Since reading Empire of the Sun at university in my modern British literature class. Gargoyle is a random, The Reader I have always meant to read, Revolutionary Road I like the sound of, Gulliver’s Travels fulfils my desire to read fairly old stuff now and again.

If you are reading anything good yourself feel free to tell me. Likewise if you have read any of the above.

10 thoughts on “Book thief

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  1. I have Rev Road and the Reader to read (duh, Kate Winslet movies were made from them) but haven’t read any on that list. I’m reading No-No Boy by John Okada right now which is about how the Japanese-Americans were treated after the attack on Pearl Harbor. And I finished Beloved the other day. Love that book (and anything Toni Morrison writes).

  2. The Reader is on my list. I ordered a load of books yesterday from Amazon, hoping they arrive in the next couple of days. I often have more than one on the go – I read on the train.

  3. I’m currently approaching the end of Part 1 in Anna Karenina. At 800 pages, it’s causing significant backlog in my reading list.

    I agree with the Hollinghurst appraisal: The Line of Beauty is an exquisite book butThe Swimming Pool Library was my least favourite. The Spell was quite good, I think.

    Love love love Gulliver’s Travels!

  4. The gargoyle is on my list. Won’t be reading it for a while though as I’ve got about 15 books waiting on my shelf, not including the ones that are pushed to the back for a rainy day when I run out of things I really want to read.

  5. As for what I do read, that would be an awful lot of urban fantasy. You want vampire novels, just raid my shelf. I’d always reccomend The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex (both Jeffrey Eugenidies) and my fave classic, Lorna Doone.

  6. I’ve got loads to read but just not getting round to it at the moment. Go to bed and do a couple of sudoku puzzles and that’s me done.

  7. The only one of those I’ve read is Gulliver’s Travels years and years ago. I don’t remember much except lots of tiny people.

    The only book I’ve been reading lately has vampires/elves/fairies/humans with a fair bit of nekkidness (and others in the same vein). I just ordered Hero by Perry Moore and Vintage-A Ghost Story by Steve Berman this week. They are both YA so my daughter and I can both read them. I’ve been reading lots of e-books lately, cheaper and easier when I’m traveling.

  8. Hen – I’ve never really been able to multi task with books; can only read one at a type.

    Sven – wow, you read a lot! Glad you also appreciated Line of Beauty – I know some people who thought it was pretentious and awful.

    Vic – I’m enjoying it, keeping my attention!

    SCM – I’ve not got into those yet though feel I’m missing out!

    Tam – I’m looking forward to that one. Vic (higher up this thread) LOVES all those teen vampire books, you should check out her blog! 😛

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