Would this suit me?

Astro Boy is the mascot for this blog and one needn’t pay masses of attention to see the figure appearing in various places – avatar, photos on flickr, etc, etc. I am a big Japan fan (having lived there) and have a lot of time for most things Japanese (origami,bonsai trees, Japanese food, stationery, manga comics, Astro Boy, Hello Kitty, etc).

Dear old Craig found this for me online. 😀

What say you, hit, miss or maybe? I’d love to try it on…

360 view here. Product page here.

13 thoughts on “Would this suit me?

Add yours

  1. uhh, sure? although i’d wait till summer. it might still be a bit too cold to be wearing a leather speedo to the office.

  2. And I was just enjoying my WTF-free day as well. Thanks. What occasion were you thinking this outfit would suit? I’ve got a couple of weddings coming up – fancy it?

  3. Derek – agreed, especially as the temperature has just dropped again here!

    Craig – LOL! 😛

    Enrico – what you saying, that it wouldn’t look good on me? 😛 I’ll have to prove you wrong!

    Sven – oh you of all people shouldn’t be asking me that, what with Mardi Gras about to start in your city! 😀

    Birdie – I sure hope so!

    Vic – deal!

    Lula – sure!

    Tam – I didn’t think he did either; guess he’s evolved!

    Ryan – it’s the facial expression that disturbs me.

  4. I’m sorry, but I think it’s a must buy! And I have to agree with eveyone else, we have to se the pics of you wearing it too! 😉

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