Frogs & downward dogs

We tried a new position in pilates today called the frog. It looked a bit like this:

It was OK. We did quite a few other new ones but I can’t remember the names off hand. It was hard. It’s always hard. It’s brilliant for stomach (and abs) toning is all I can say. And our instructor is very, very good.

Though I can’t get my legs straight, I can hold this positon just about OK now:

A lot of it is about balance. My balance isn’t too bad.

We did a lot of different exercises. She very much puts you through your paces. I’m really into pilates now. Never thought I’d say that.

We do a lot ofย  ‘downward dogs’ and the men, especially, really can’t get their feet flat on the mat. Too hard. We just don’t have the suppleness that women have.

Near the end we do our rolls. I quite like doing rolls. They start fairly easy (with your hands round your knees) but progress to rolling back with your legs out (a bit like the second image from the top) and ultimately with your arms out to the side. When I did that I went right over – landing in a heap –ย  much to the chuckles of colleagues!

I then went to the gym (first time in a month!!!) and had a short-ish workout.

7 thoughts on “Frogs & downward dogs

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  1. Oh my, I think I would hurt myself!!!!! I’m pretty sure my body doesn’t bend like that! I’m also pretty sure that those positions would induce gas passing!

  2. I’m quite envious that you’ve found an exercise you enjoy. I struggle to fit anything in these days, let alone finding anything I like. Really must et back to swimming.

    Video would be much fun.

    On a mat
    Fancy that!
    Look at the fat
    Go splat!
    (Written about me, obv)

  3. Hen – LOL, that would be blackmail material! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Daphne – LOL, I don’t think I was either. You hear so much huffing and puffing and heavy breathing from people as we do these, I find that bit quite amusing!

    Enrico – you’ve always struck me as the supple type. I find it hard though, unfort!

    Craig – LOL!

    Debby – don’t go there, that was an issue for a colleague the other week (remember?) ๐Ÿ˜€

    SCM – ohhh, not sure I could say I ‘enjoy’ it. I get a kick out of it but it’s bloody hard work whilst we’re doing it. You feel fairly good afterwards though and it DOES help keep your stomach flat which is a big ++ point.

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