Review: Ashes to Ashes (Series 2 / BBC1)

Enjoyed the first episode in the new eight part second series which has returned to the BBC.  Series one was one of my favourite TV shows last year. Hard to say why I like it as I have little interest in police dramas usually. I just love the depiction of the 1980s. That decade has so much resonance and seems so formative. The attention to detail in the series is great – seeing all those reminders of that decade – also the music.

The sexual chemistry between the two main characters – Alex Drake (aka ‘Bolly Knickers’) played by Keeley Hawes and Gene Hunt (aka Phil Glenister) appears to be toned down somewhat. The rest of the cast are all still there which is good.

No sign of the David Bowie ‘Ashes to Ashes clown’ so far – which haunted her throughout the last series. Instead, she hears voices spoken through random people and even a police dog!

What looks to be a recurrent theme throughout the series is police corruption (at senior levels of the Met police). I imagine that was fairly rife back then but I don’t know that for sure.

I really do quite like Keeley Hawes. Thought she was fantastic in Spooks as well.

Watch series 2 episode 1 again on BBC iPlayer.

Incidentally – the only other police drama that I really did enjoy very much indeed – was Wallander which aired last year for three episodes. I really, really would like to see more of that; it was brilliant.

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