The day job

Last Thursday was the final day of my 6 month contract. What I had not got round to blogging about is that a week ago, at my formal appraisal, I was extended the offer of a permanent role with the company.

This company out-performs the rest of the industry. It’s a management consultancy and, contrary to what you might think, the work is actually really interesting and very accessible (due to the type of work they do). The people are exceptionally bright (almost all of the consultants have MScs / MBAs). It works with some of the biggest global companies you can think of. Yet it’s a really relaxed, friendly, grown up, ‘family like’ place to work.

I accepted.

Me, being me, I didn’t finish the meeting without raising the issue of pay. Specifically, that I would like them to consider a rise. The current salary is good but the hours I’ve been doing have been the one downside of the job. I need a carrot to go the extra mile. I also know that it’s a high paying company and when I joined, we didn’t spend any time discussing salary. They just matched the offer I had from the other company (which was good). But in reality this isn’t the best thing to do, as the salary should match the job.

In this climate it’s hard to know whether I’ll get it or not. It’s being considered by the remuneration committee (hopefully alongside my appraisal feedback!). I’m being philosophical. If I do get it then I won’t feel resentful working long hours and really going the extra mile. If I don’t get it, I just won’t work those longer hours (perhaps not a bad thing, as I don’t want to turn into a wage slave).

The appraisal feedback I had was very good. The best I’ve had anywhere in the 12 or so years I’ve been in the workplace. And the company is still absolutely great to work for. Lovely people, amazing perks, stunning offices, global, a senior role, etc. And I’ve fitted in better than in any previous job  I can think of. So I can’t really complain. It’s just London is so expensive, you can’t really not push for the maximum.

It’s so nice to be permanent again after almost a year of long probationary periods both here and in the previous job (the one that didn’t work out).

If my personal life mirrored my working life I’d be a very content person.

PS Wow. The great thing about blogging is that it’s like a diary. Just looking back at how unhappy I was and the position I was in 6 months ago is a stark reminder of how extremely lucky I’ve been. Life can change for the better very quickly; a good thing.

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  1. So glad you’re in a ‘better place’….even if that is in London. Hehe. Tidy the place up for us will you as Daffy and I are heading there on Thursday.

  2. Sven – thanks, will keep you posted!

    SB – oh, what are you down here to see? One of these days we must all catch up!

    Paul – thank you, will keep you posted! x

    SCM – am keeping things crossed! If I get it my mind is made up regarding what my first big push will be.

    Enrico – thanks, and good luck with your evaluation!

  3. Well, “lucky” perhaps, to some extent – – but of course you’ve made your own luck in this job. (Ye Gods! I sound about a hundred and three. Daphne’s Words of Wisdom. – – I’m right, though!!)

  4. Daphne – thanks! Touch wood it seems like I’ve fallen on my feet in the end. It’s not ‘perfect’ – nowhere is – but in the grand scheme of things it’s a really decent job with decent people in a decent company earning a decent wage. So I am – on the job front – happy! I appreciate it all the more in comparison to the last place which was hell on earth.

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