And so, for the first time in as many years as I can possibly remember, I find myself injured. Yesterday I did a 10km run. I hadn’t done such a long run in ages. It was far too much and physically I was quite evidently not up to it (though endurance-wise, I was).

I knew something was wrong when I got back to the flat as my right foot was killing me. I hadn’t really warmed up very well. I didn’t warm down very well either.

I didn’t think too much of it.

This morning I felt fine. Until I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Shooting pains at the bottom of my right leg and sort of in my foot. Not the ankle, but in the middle of the foot.

I’ll be fine, thought I. So I made the journey in to work. Problems on the tube meant it was a particularly frustrating journey in. My leg/foot hurt a fair bit on the way in but didn’t feel too bad.

After a while at work I realised it was really hurting each time I moved. The commute in had really caused some problems. Sitting down is fine (like now) – no pain. Only moving. Got worse throughout the day.

You can imagine the journey home! Very long. Me reduced to hobbling like a cripple. Never walked so slowly in my life. Shuffling along like a down and out. I dragged my work laptop home. Also a bottle of Syrah from M&S which I thought would be good to drink for medicinal purposes (and so it is).

The woman in Superdrug recommended Ibuprofen gel which I’ve bought. And an elasticky thing.

I’m now just taking it easy. It’s not painful. Unless I walk. It’s odd, it doesn’t feel like the muscle. It’s more like the bone. I guess it’s the tendon. I’m really not used to being injured.

That’ll teach me!

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  1. Ouch.
    I’m not a fan of the ibuprofen gel. If you take the tablets you can double up the dose for a day or so (an emergency doc told me I could do this so I’m hoping he was right).
    You can also get some ibuprofen with added codeine which are great painkillers but you have to get from chemist as a ‘behind the counter’ med.

  2. Tut, tut, Milo. You should know better. We have more creams for sprains and strains than any other gays in Sydney, I’m sure. James swears by ibuprofen gel and then a homemade heat bandage (deep heat cream and a tubal grip) overnight. Oh, and tiger balm, too. And that shit smells gooooood.

  3. And this is precisely why I don’t DO running!
    I’d go with the ibuprofen and codeine (excellent stuff) and the tiger balm (although it’s illegal stuff so woodlock oil (which you can get in Chinese medicine places) should do the job). Chuck the elastic thingy away too – you’ll only end up feeling like your skin’s being compressed!

  4. SCM – thing is, I’m not in pain other than when I walk. So I haven’t used the gel or any pills yet. Really annoying. When no weight is on it it’s fine but I really am struggling to walk.

    Sven – I know, feel really stupid having totally over done it. Plus, having just turned a year older, it’s evident I’m no spring chicken any more! James sounds like a good person to have around when you have aches and pains!

    Vic – LOL, I can see your point! I used to enjoy it. I now feel like a big old meringue sitting around in my track suit working from home. And the phone has hardly rung today which is unusual. Thanks for the tip about the woodlock oil.

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