Video Responses Welcome

I’m meant to be working but really struggling on this, my third day working from home. Climbing the walls in fact. My foot is mostly better but not 100%. I didn’t feel like commuting into town when I have no meetings anyway (though do have masses of work to be getting on with).

WordPress have just enabled video replies in blog comments.

Indulge me! Comment on this post and add a youtube vid that’s ‘up my street’ meaning it’s likely to be something 80s, something Britpoppy or a classic movie soundtrack.

It’s very easy to do – just comment on this post and add a YouTube video URL on its own line making sure you press enter after pasting the link. When you submit the comment the video should then show.

Here’s a big favourite of mine:

11 thoughts on “Video Responses Welcome

Add yours

  1. UV – like it, nice combo video! I wouldn’t dare leave a video comment (of me) on your blog as it would frighten your readers away!

    Lula – liking that tune!

    Sven – ohhhh wow! Big thanks to Jim! I hadn’t heard that in ages but love it! Sooooo 80s!

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